17 October 2019

World Values Day: Talking values with the Synergy team

World Values Day is a chance to think about what guides us, what we believe in and which values most resonate with us.

It got the Synergy team thinking today and we’ve been discussing in the office which of our 5 guiding values we all relate to most and why. 


Here’s what everyone had to say… 

Olly believes that curiosity is key and that we should all find new things to be inspired by all the time, always exploring new avenues. Jenni also relates to this one; you never know when inspiration might strike, so staying open-minded is important. 


Jodi thinks that doing whatever you can to succeed can really make an impact and produce brilliant results. And her teammate Rhiannon agrees; she thinks you should give things your whole focus and try your hardest with every single thing that you do. 


Meg thinks that we should all do our best and push our limits as much as possible and that fortune really does favour the brave. And Lucy thinks this is important too, especially as topics like diversity and inclusion and wellbeing can mean having more difficult conversations in the workplace. 


Nick believes in keeping things simple, which he likes to do in his personal life as well as his work. Alex hates overcomplicating things too and thinks that making your point and then moving on is the best way to work. 


Chloe’s favourite value had to be ‘together is better’, because without working together, we wouldn’t even exist as the human species. She believes it’s what we’re naturally wired to do. And Ezra backs this up with his belief that asking people to work together for a common good can produce the best results. 


Check out the video and get in touch to tell us which value you most relate to and why. 

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