30 September 2021

We’re celebrating National Inclusion Week but there’s still much to do

There’s a spotlight on D, E and I like never before and while the importance placed on this vital area of employee experience is to be celebrated, there’s still much more to be done. It’s time to embed D, E and I throughout the workplace culture through solid  strategy and business leadership.

We’re constantly looking to gain insights, inspiration and advice from others and were excited to attend the Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2021 last week.  We were fascinated by the insights shared as part of the #BeYourselfAtWork research shared, here’s what we learnt.

#BeYourselfAtWork insights

The first of its kind, the #BeYourselfAtWork global survey set out to discover how comfortable people are bringing their whole selves to work. The results have given us a window into understanding how prolific imposter syndrome is, as well as fluxes in confidence and being – or simply just feeling like – yourself.

When you’re looking to build a more inclusive, psychologically safe workplace, use the following insights as your foundation.

The trick to being yourself? Confidence.

With 67% of people comparing themselves unfavourably to others – and 70% of people agreeing that their confidence levels change daily – it’s no wonder that most employees struggle with feeling themselves within the workplace.  


A gender – and confidence – disparity

 The results from #BeYourselfAtWork tellingly reveal that only 1 in 5 women feel that they can be themselves at work. When it comes to comparisons, 62% of women do so unfavourably.

Interestingly though, women come out on top when it comes to a positive relationship with themselves. 70% of men don’t have a positive internal dialogue and are also 22% more critical of themselves than women.

When you consider the fact that men are 25% less likely than women to worry about what others think, you know that change needs to happen. As a manager, there are a few strategies to help your team – and business overall – get to the best place possible with D&I.


How team managers can build workplace trust and confidence

 49% of people surveyed said they felt that their manager isn’t being their best self. Leadership starts from the top, so as part of a team, you and your employees should:


Feel listened to… Does everyone in your team feel heard? Are suggestions considered; complaints dealt with; feelings vocalised?

…and liked Is there bias in your workplace? Does your team feel like they can be their authentic selves? Do you talk about what individual team members need to bring their best selves to work?


Have autonomy, control and recognition… Does your team feel trusted and supported in all they do? Is your workplace fair and flexible to help ensure all team members can thrive?

With this comes a huge opportunity for managers and team leaders to reinforce positive values and foster an inclusive, diverse company culture.


So, does being yourself improve your work?

 Yes! Research shows that when you’re yourself at work, your work improves, too. However, with only 16% of us feeling like we can truly be ourselves when we work – and as low as 24% of people being confident in knowing who they truly are – it’s time to evaluate what makes your people your people.


Start improving your workplace D&I

Speak to us today about how we’re helping brands create environments where all their people can thrive. Our manager communication toolkits and workshops are designed to help managers navigate the future of work and create more inclusive environments for your people.

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