7 January 2022

Top Employer Brand & EVP Case Studies of 2021

It’s no secret that employer branding and EVP plays a critical part in every global business. In fact, Marketing Week has put employee experience on top of the agenda to brand planning next year.

“Employees, like consumers, are affected by marketing; they need to be acquired and retained. And for good reason: Employees are on the frontline of the brand experience.’’ Reported Marketing Week. 

If like Marketing Week, you’re heading into 2022 with employer brand on the agenda, you may require a bit of inspiration to get you started. And that’s where our list of top employer branding examples comes into it – take the time to learn from those leading the way.  

Best employer branding examples  

Unilever: Making its global employer brand relevant worldwide 

Needing no real introduction, Unilever is one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies. And they needed to make their employer brand strategy relevant across all 190 markets.  

To achieve global impact, they introduced an agile working model led by a local employer brand lead who would share the trends and challenges affecting their individual market. Then, each quarter, the global team combined this insight with their global strategic focus to create three new employer brand initiatives. Local markets could simply pick whichever initiative best suited them. The result? Locally relevant initiatives landing on a global scale. 

Why we love it?  

It advocates employee listening; it ticks employer brand on an individual scale whilst still boosting an overall reputation as a business function. 

The Western Union: Engaging employees in a hybrid world 

As the world’s largest money transfer network, Western Union, like many companies had to suddenly ask all employees to work from home when the pandemic hit. Recognising the urgency, the leadership acted fast, understanding they had three priorities: 

  • Maintain the strong culture known within and outside the organisation 
  • Preserve a sense of community by organising traditional events that respond to colleagues needs 
  • Find new ways to celebrate success 

Their plan was to hold an event each season. This included a three-month-long summer festival, an autumn career fair, a winter holiday festival, and a spring focus on self-care. Activities ranged from video messages and information to hot-air balloon rides and gifts sent to employees’ homes. And it worked. Engagement remained stable and Western Union was named one of the top three companies in Lithuania for taking care of colleagues. 

Why we love it?  

Western Union had the foresight to evolve their current working model to suit the new way of working and put the wellbeing and connectivity of their employees first. By designing a busy and exciting schedule of activities for all colleagues when working remotely keeping morale high and business stable.

Experian: Becoming a ‘tech talent’ destination 

Experian had one clear goal, to become a market-leading tech talent destination. Working with us at McCann Synergy, we helped Experian launch its employee value proposition (EVP). Our team carried out in-depth research into perceptions across candidates, employees, and recruiters. Find that that life at Experian always provided much more than colleagues expected. And so the EVP was born: Discover the Unexpected. This was underpinned by four elements shaped by employees: People First, Together We Win, Innovative, and Force for Good.  

With a fresh, dynamic, visual employer brand and language, the next step was to roll out the new EVP across the recruitment journey. With that successfully achieved, in 2022, we’ll be helping Experian embed their EVP across the entire employee experience – creating an employer brand that candidates and colleagues can see and feel at every touchpoint. 
Why we love it?  

Experian are fully committed to creating a thorough employer brand. Leaving no stone unturned– giving an instantly recognisable experience no matter where the employee is on their Experian journey. 

Red Bull: Giving wings to candidates  

There’s certainly no shortage of people wanting to work for Red Bull. So, the recruitment team had a challenge: how to efficiently find the candidates with the most potential from a diverse talent pool – and provide a stand-out recruitment journey along the way.  

Working with top experts in psychology and psychometrics, Red Bull developed a propriety selection tool called Wingfinder. A clever tool that could identify the candidates who would be most successful, while reducing bias around four factors – connections, creativity, drive and thinking. The tool also provided every candidate with an actionable feedback report to help them advance their career. The result: increased higher-quality hires and improved brand perception. 

Why we love it?  

We’re big advocates of using tools and techniques to find the right candidate, but what stands out to us is how Red Bull deliver the employer brand experience right from the start of the application. Treating every candidate as a potential employee.  

How does your employer brand measure up?  

Whether your business is new to the employer brand concept, or you’re feeling inspired by these employer branding examples – chat to us! Our team of psychologists, creatives, and HR experts are experienced in creating an employer brand that employees can be proud of. Get in touch and see how you can kickstart your employer brand journey today. 

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