10 September 2021

The point of purpose

How do you want to change the world?

If there was one benefit to lockdown, it was probably that it gave people a chance to think about the big questions and re-assess their lives and career. And world-over, millions hit upon the same realisation: what they want is a real sense of purpose.

Companies who already have a well-defined and articulated purpose are reaping the rewards. With The Great Resignation seeing employees leaving their jobs in droves, a clear purpose is fast-becoming a major selling point. But for those businesses that don’t have that clarity, the race is on. The benefits studied are compelling.

Retention and engagement
According to a own recent LinkedIn survey, 40% of people believe ‘Connection to purpose’ to be biggest driver of The Great Resignation. Meanwhile, a recent article by Forbes suggests that 89% of execs believe a strong sense of collective purpose drives employee satisfaction.


Want to boost performance? Eighty-four percent of leaders say a strong purpose can affect an organisation’s ability to transform, while Deloitte claims that ‘Purpose-driven organisations tend to thrive during challenging times.’


With Covid far from over, wellbeing must be high on the agenda. The 2021 OC Tanner Global Culture Report states simply that ‘An organization’s purpose can bring meaning to an employee’s personal life and help them feel they’re making a difference in the world.’


According to the Ceridan 2021 Talent Pulse Report, ‘Purpose can inform decisive action; for employees, seeing leaders making decisions in line with company values reinforces trust and keeps culture strong.’


Your guiding principles

The best purposes resonate with employees and customers alike. Once chosen and tested, turn your purpose into a guiding principle by:

  • Supporting leaders to develop their own stories around what the purpose means to them.
  • Referencing it frequently in your comms
  • Creating experiences (digital or in person) to keep the purpose alive.
  • Running workshops to help your people connect to it
  • Using it as a basis for measurement  


Here to help

Need support to create a purpose your people will rally behind? Then get in touch with our Head of Strategy, at hello@mccannsynergy.com to talk through your ideas.


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