14 December 2020

The Next 100 Days – Part One: How to please everyone…. no, really!

What do CEOs and employees really need from their HR and IC teams as we move into 2021?

As Covid-19 continues to dominate global headlines, the next 30 days could be critical for every organisation. More than ever, HR, Internal Comms and Employee Engagement functions will be vital to success. But what do you prioritise when everybody – leaders and employees alike – are all looking to you for support?

To get the answers, we asked hundreds of CEOs and employees what they really want from their HRD and IC teams… and found the sweet spot.


What CEOs want

Look after our people:  The pandemic has taught leaders the importance of wellbeing, morale, engagement and resilience. They want to know their people are being supported.

Think strategy: Success depends on delivering on the strategy. Make sure you can demonstrate that employees understand what the strategy is and the part they play in its delivery.

Plan for 2021: The next normal is around the corner. CEOs want to see plans for new ways of working and how to optimise performance in the new world.

Focus on comms: When, why and – crucially – how comms go out. They expect clarity, and you’ll need to use creativity to get that all-important cut-through.

Manage our resources: Decision-making around spending needs to be sharp. Make choices that give you get the most bang for your buck.

Create role models: Change fatigue is already setting in. Managers need to be supported to show their teams how to re-energise.


What employees want

Give us direction: With so much uncertainty, employees are looking to the business to provide a roadmap for the future.

Keep up the leadership: 2020 has seen a shift in people’s expectations. Optimistic, empathetic leaders who know how to make employees feel valued have thrived – a trend that’s set to continue.

Help us develop: Life can’t stand still. Employees want development, even if they’re still working from home.

Create connections: No matter how people feel about remote working, most miss all those informal moments to connect with colleagues. They want to get those back.


Aim for the sweet spot

Sounds great right? But with so many demands and expectations for 2021, how do HRD, IC and Engagement teams make sure they prioritise the right things to make everyone happy? Focus on the overlap between what CEOs want and what employees want, and you’ll get the most bang for your buck. These are:

1) Connection with each other and with the business

2) Overall direction and strategy

3) Positive, supportive leaders

By focusing your 2021 comms planning around those areas, you can really maximise your impact. The trick is to think creatively – manage change by giving people something positive they can engage with and get excited about.


Need some fresh thinking?

We’ve got lots of new ideas to engage and excite your employees in 2021. Get in touch with Lucy McKerron to discuss your challenges.

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