2 March 2021

The Next 100 days – Part Three: Time for action

Spring is here. Covid restrictions are slowly easing, mass vaccinations are well underway, and employees are finally daring to look forward to the future.

This is the time to deliver and report on your plans.

From CEOs to new starters, we’ve been asking hundreds of employees what they expect from their HR and Comms teams at this crucial time. We’ve turned all that insight into a new 3-part series, The Next 100 Days.

In this, the third and final part (catch up with part one and part two here), things are definitely looking up. According to the McCann Human Truths survey, 60% of employees have been doing a lot of thinking about what’s important to them.

Now, they’re ready for action. So, from career development to transformation programmes, if you’re in Comms or HR, the time to start delivering is fast approaching.


Deliver on… Health and wellbeing

Covid-19 has opened up the conversation about mental health. Employees are tuned into their own needs and looking for support. Here’s what they want from you:

Think long-term: Create ongoing programmes as a go-to resource.

Go digital: When it comes to wellbeing, online works. In lockdown, the NHS’s Couch to 5k app was downloaded more than a million times. Produce an online toolkit to provide 24/7 support.

Create purpose: According to research, a sense of meaning helps people feel mentally and physically healthy. Empower your people to join the dots between your company’s purpose and their own values.

Measure it!
Get maximum impact from your programmes by harvesting employee feedback and responding to it.


Deliver on… Culture and connection

We know wellbeing and company culture are closely linked. So, it’s likely your culture will have taken a major blow over the past few months. Re-engage your people by:

Making memories: Think about key ‘cultural moments’ from your calendar and re-design them using digital alternatives.

Re-connecting: From focus groups to choirs – use your strategy as a jumping off point for helping people get together, collaborate and have fun!

Get creative: Help people reconnect to your brand with a little surprise and delight. Try sending some hand-written postcards, branded seed packets or coasters from recyclable materials to brighten their workspace.

Measure it!
Stay on top of what makes your people tick – and what inspires them – by building measurement into every initiative. 


Deliver on… The future of work

According to a study by Global Tolerance, 42% of people want to work for an organisation that has a positive impact on the world. Make sure your employees know where your company stands on:

  • Climate change and sustainability.
  • Empathy and transparent communication.
  • Flexible work arrangements and schedules.

Measure it!
Get your comms right by regularly temperature-checking what your people care about most.


Deliver on… Career progression

Even if they’re working from their kitchen table, employees want to their careers to keep moving. To make it happen:

Make it click: Employees are more tech-savvy than ever – perfect for digital learning.

Skill up: Coaching has surged in popularity during the pandemic. Teach your managers how to integrate coaching techniques into their one-to-ones.

Stay flexible: Could more of your roles be home-based longer term? Think about what that could mean for internal candidates.

Measure it!
Get to grips with the talent, skills availability and management capability you have – and what you’ll need in the future.


Deliver on… Change

If a big transformation project was put on hold in 2020, now’s the time to dust it off and roll it out. Use change as a way to:

  • Build confidence in the future of you company.
  • Help your people re-connect with your purpose.
  • Create new focus groups to tackle specific challenges.

Measure it!  
Surveys, interviews, polls…measure employee opinions throughout the change journey and respond to them at every step.


Deliver on… Your people experience

Make 2021 the year when every step of your employee journey expresses your values and culture. Look after employees by focusing on: 

Tech: From annual leave to performance management, online self-service is now the norm. Use chatbots to boost the experience.

Recruitment and onboarding: Create a positive lasting impression from the minute people see your job ad.   

Max out your manager support: According to CIPD, line managers play a crucial role in employee wellbeing and engagement. Make sure yours have the right tools and attitude to support their teams.

Measure it!
Comms are a big part of the people experience. Ask people what would make a difference, then make it happen.


Where do you start?

Our 100 Days research brought home just how high expectations are of HR and Comms people, and how much ground they’re expected to cover. We’re here to help: get in touch with Lucy McKerron for a chat.

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