15 February 2019

Synergy Insight: Inspiring creativity

From a creative concept or idea to experiences and design, our new Design Director, Bryan Miles, spends every day directing and guiding brilliant design for a huge range of clients. So how does he keep up the creativity?

At Synergy, our job is to develop exciting, creative communications campaigns that are attractive, bang on message and really touch people’s hearts and minds – even when they’re going out to 100,000 employees! We do it every day and we love it. But what do you do when your ideas just aren’t hitting the mark? Bryan has detailed five ways to kick-start the creative process.


1. Get inspired

To come up with creative ideas, you’ll need to find inspiration. So go exploring. Look at websites to see how others have tackled projects, read books and articles to understand new perspectives, and do things that will stimulate your creativity; visit new countries, embrace other cultures, explore museums or go to seminars. The more you absorb, the more likely that the exposure to new ideas and experiences will result in brilliant concepts. These websites are a good place to start:





2. No ideas are bad, even the bad ones

Starting can be the hardest part of a job. You might find you end up with blank-page syndrome. So why not just jump in and get going? The first ideas won’t be the best, but at least you will make some progress – you can refine and edit them later. When concepting, you often have to spend a few hours getting all the obvious ideas out on the table before you can come up with the great ones.


3. Don’t go it alone

The best way to come up with inspired ideas is to work as a team. The best teams are made up of a diverse mixture of people: young and old, different backgrounds and a variety of professions. A level of friendly friction in the ideation process can often be a good thing and result in the production of unique ideas.


4. Break the rules

Sometimes you might come up against a brick wall or run out of ideas before you’ve landed on the one that will blow the client away. This can be a result of having too many rules defined in the brief and even subconsciously imposing rules on yourself. The key to moving on is usually to break a rule. This can allow you to think more freely, coming up with new thoughts – of course, in the end you might have to comply with the rule anyway, but hopefully one of the new ideas will be a winner.


5. Just stop

Sometimes things just don’t come together. If you have the time, one of the best ways to get back on track can be to take a break and give your mind a rest. If you can, leave it overnight. Come back to the problem refreshed, recharged and with a positive attitude and you’ll probably find it all seems much easier.



Sign up for a Synergy Creative Discovery session

Lots of Synergy clients have been taking up one of our half-day Creative Discovery sessions. Led by our Creative and Design Directors, Giles, Olly or Bryan, these fun, facilitated sessions teach your teams the principles of creative thinking as applied to one of your current challenges. To book a session, get in touch with gemma@mccannsynergy.com.


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