6 November 2014

Zoe G’s awesome Himalayan adventure… the aftermath

Aggressive Recovery, that’s what we’ll call it. That’s my excuse for eating pretty much anything I can get my hands on for the last few days. The reason for such drastic eating – I mean – action? That’d be the 100 mile Himalayan stage race I’ve just completed. Read more about Zoe’s adventure on her blog here.

100 Big Miles. At Altitude. And Rising.

I honestly never thought it’d be a walk in the park, but I do approach life with a pretty optimistic view and a ‘You can do anything’ attitude (just ask Giles). With this in mind ‘training’ was approached in a similarly relaxed way. And whilst I’d never call myself a ‘runner’ I do run, and enjoy it, so training was squeezed in with the faithful dog and some lovely friends. Thank goodness for a lovely summer.

So undertake the ‘Race’ I did and what an experience it was. Incredible people, astonishing scenery and definitely The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done. Absolutely relentless. Comforting a lovely man who’s name at this point I had no idea of while he was heaving (apparently he didn’t need a biscuit after all) on the side of the mountain was a particular highlight of the first day. That first day will stay with me for a while. Up and up and up. Ouch. Day 1 was 24 miles with a cracking 6,500ft ascent.

The following days were similarly brutal:
Day 2, 20 miles at 12,000ft,
Day 3, 26.4 (the Everest Challenge Marathon Day) with a merciless 8 miles downhill
Day 4, 13 miles ‘undulating’ – I said it was in the Himalayas right?
Day 5, 17 miles. The day I found my running legs. Better late than never.

But, I Did It.

I have no idea how to describe the race and the whole experience. There’s too much to say but two things stand out by far: Sunrise on Everest. Seriously, running with Everest and 4 of the 5 highest mountains in the world as a backdrop makes you feel pretty small, yet also on top of the world! Friends. I’ve made some wonderful friends who I’ve experienced HUGE highs and lows with (both physically and emotionally) and most of whom I’m still completely in awe of. Everyone had their own story and all are equally extraordinary.

I’m back now and despite eating everything in sight still (I can’t use this as an excuse for much longer), recovered and as annoyingly optimistic as usually, maybe more so. Oh yes, recovered save for a couple of missing toenails.

Right, what’s next then?

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