29 October 2019

Your strategic ‘shadow’ team, here when you need us

Here at Synergy, loads of us have backgrounds in internal comms, so we understand the challenges that come with it.

From the everyday firefighting to the ‘this needs to go out ASAP’ comms – sometimes the day-to-day of internal communications can stop us from being able to take a step back and check-in with the bigger picture.

Many of our clients have a great strategic vision, but no time to plan or implement it. Others have pioneering ideas – but can’t spend time researching stats and thought leadership to make a credible pitch to their stakeholders.


Sound like you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Comms professionals tend to wear many hats. We’re journalists, creative writers, promoters, event managers, change agents – but frustratingly, we’re not always seen as experts in our field and don’t have the time to execute brilliant ideas. 

So, what if you could fulfil your full potential at work?

Imagine how different it could be if you had access to a ‘shadow’ team of comms experts, with skills in behavioural science, coaching, NLP, journalism and strategy, on hand, whenever you needed?

Through a retainer with the Synergy Strategy team, you’re guaranteed to have skilled support for anything from chatting an idea through, to delivering a workshop, and even writing your Brexit comms plan.

We draw upon the experience and knowledge we’ve gained from working with a range of diverse clients; the corporate to the independent. We know what people are doing in the industry. We see successes and formulas that work, and we’ll share with you the very best approaches, learnings and research for anything you’d like to do.

Lean on us as the perfect extension to your IC team, through a monthly retained relationship.


How are we currently helping teams?

  • Issue and crisis comms planning (Brexit, redundancies, strikes)
  • Team away days
  • Workshops (to create a team brand, communication skills, creativity sessions)
  • Copywriting and article support: we’ll help with the creative positioning of a story
  • Research and thought leadership: embedding a learning culture, what others in the industry are up to


Other ways we can help

  • Ongoing strategic guidance and thought leadership
  • Proactive internal comms best practice and insight
  • Ad-hoc support at the end of the phone so that you can sense-check thinking; use us as a soundboard for your ideas
  • Conference notes from any events we attend and potential speaker opportunities at key industry events
  • Discounted tickets to industry events sponsored by Synergy
  • Facilitated introductions to other client teams who face similar challenges, to share learnings


If this all sounds like something your Internal Comms team could benefit from, get in touch with our Head of Strategy Rhiannon, she’d love to chat. And click below for more information. 

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