19 October 2017

World Values Day – which company values do we love?

Today marks World Values Day, so we thought it best to reflect on which companies have values we love…

This year World Values Day is focusing on the values of organisations, and how by truly putting those values into action we can help to change the world.

With this in mind, we asked around Synergy which companies have values that our team love, respect and admire. Here’s what they had to say…


It’s best to do one thing really, really well

Company: Google

Chosen by: Rhiannon Stroud – Strategist

Why? It echoes exactly how I try to live my life – not taking on more than I can chew, being realistic with both my expectations and those around me, aiming for perfection every time and knowing when I need help.


People over process

Company: Netflix

Chosen by: Rich Webster – Senior Creative

Why?: This is the philosophy, but Netflix’s values are great too. They’re free of corporate BS, are simple and actually mean something to people that work there.


Always, always doing our own thing, without fear

Company: Skift

Chosen by: Chris Giddings – Marketing Manager

Why?: I love Skift for a whole host of different reasons, but mainly because they do things on their own terms, without fear of what ‘the industry’ says travel media should be like.

I also love their hiring philosophy – it’s incredibly compelling.

They tell prospective new hires:

  • Joining Skift will be a transformational move for your career
  • You will do the best work you have ever done while you are at Skift
  • You will be the happiest you have ever been at work while at Skift
  • You will be set for life, your success beyond Skift means everything to us

We believe in saying no to thousands of projects so that we can really focus on the few that are truly important and meaningful to us

Company: Apple

Chosen by: James Marsden – Account Director

Why: I love that fact that Apple isn’t afraid to put the brakes on. I’m sure there are hundreds of ideas thrown around their HQ in Cupertino every day, but they only choose to work on the ones that give them meaning. This means everything they create is beautiful and (Magic Mouse aside) just works.

You can make money without doing evil

Company: Google

Chosen by: Jenni Cruickshank – Account Manager

Why: Right off the bat this value is powerful. Evil is a strong word but it’s instantly emotive. It’s open to interpretation, like all good values and lends itself to working with a purpose.

Timeless storytelling that delights and inspires

Company: Disney

Chosen by: Neneh Pepperell – Senior Account Manager

Why: I love Disney, who doesn’t! Storytelling has been a buzzword in comms for a few years now, and with brands continually looking to inspire and delight through storytelling, they could do worse than take note from Mickey and pals.



Company: Nando’s

Chosen by: Neneh Pepperell – Senior Account Manager

Why: Every time I get my PERi-PERi fix you can tell that the staff treat each other like family. I found this story on their website which demonstrates this value perfectly: My restaurant family was there to support me all the way when my Dad passed away. They’d keep asking me how I was coping and if I needed any help with anything.


I couldn’t decide between Disney and Nando’s so I’m giving you both…


We believe in people

Company: H&M

Chosen by: Asha Constanza – Account Manager

Why: This tells me that staff are just as important as customers and I know that H&M really cares about the progression, development and wellbeing of their people. Lovely.


Be a sponge

Company: Nike

Chosen by: Hollie Wright – Account Executive

Why: I love that Nike is a company for people who want to learn. It says that Nike employees aren’t confined to what’s written in their job description. They’re free to soak up their environment and to listen, learn and share.

Make the best product, but do it with no unnecessary harm

Company: Patagonia

Chosen by: Zoe Grimes – Creative Manager

Why: It’s their mission statement, but I love what Patagonia stands for. I love the outdoors, so it’s great to see outdoor brands taking their impact on the environment seriously. From convincing Walmart to use recyclable materials, to offering free clothing repairs, Patagonia’s mission isn’t just lip-service, they live it.


Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit

Company: Amazon

Chosen by: Liz Appleby – Strategist

Why: Amazon actively encourages disagreement, telling their people to challenge ideas and thinking. I love this because fundamentally it’s a call to arms to constantly innovate towards a better solution.


A special shout out to ODEON Cinemas Group, with whom we helped create and embed their values into the business.

What’s your favourite company value? Let us know on Twitter @synergycreative.


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