20 October 2016

World Values Day – what do we value?

Today marks World Values Day and to celebrate we decided to find out what values lie at the heart of our team.

From achievement and truth to freedom and determination, this has been a fascinating look into what we value above all else.

Read on to discover what value we each chose. And why not try it with your own team using World Values Day’s handy guide?


Gemma McGrattan, director


“Going for it, effort, asking for help and personal drive – these things will help you be the best you can be.”


Rhiannon Stroud, strategist


“I choose what to focus on and then give it my all in order to achieve it. I choose carefully – you can’t achieve everything you want in the world, that’s not reasonable – so I think about what I want and then make a plan to achieve it. The areas I can’t change, or that aren’t in my power, I don’t worry about. This helps me stay focussed on the things that matter to me.”


Giles Hicks, director

Keeping promises

“Always deliver everything you promise, when you say you will. Whatever it might be: a meeting, some creative, info someone has asked for, or just a phone call. Otherwise your assurances and promises are meaningless.”


Nick McCarthy, senior designer/art director


“I believe trust builds honesty, accountability and therefore confidence in others.”


James Marsden, account director

Being valued (and recognition)

“This is my top one because there’s nothing more demoralizing than working hard and delivering something great to have it overlooked by your colleagues. An example of this was when I was an estate agent and despite working hard on every house sale once they had completed it was just a quick “well done, onto the next one” with no recognition for the work involved. Being valued makes me feel part of a team and encourages me to do better work.”


Rich Webster, senior designer


“People flourish when given the freedom to act, speak or think as they want. We need freedom to take risks, challenge, create, share, learn, make decisions, succeed and – most importantly – fail. Creativity and innovation cannot happen without it. And as Bill Bernbach said, ‘Creativity may well be the last legal unfair competitive advantage we can take to run over the competition’.”


Jenny Radcliffe, designer


“No amount of money, status or power can ever make a person a good one, without good morals.”


Sophie Dummond, account manager


“For me kindness is one of the most important and powerful values. It has the ability to change a person’s outlook on life and shape their emotions. It can be the difference between a miserable existence and a happy life. It is something so powerful and influential and yet so easily given.”


Matt Elliott, designer


“I believe trust is key, it’s an integral part of building strong relationships in a team. It also allows a person to have confidence in their own abilities when they know they are trusted by others.”


Ezra Chambers, operations manager


“We all value it, honesty is usually the best policy. People respect honesty in design, in strategy and in all aspects of business relationships.”


Gary Walder, account director


“Communicating successfully starts with understanding your audience. By being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and really understanding how they feel, you will always be able to communicate on a much deeper, more emotional level and have a more fulfilling dialogue.”


Liz Appleby, senior account manager and strategist


“Because it is vital for meaningful interactions to take place. Maintaining positive relationships built on mutual understanding and respect is important to me.”


Sarah Shergold, account manager


“Dependability is about being trusted to deliver, be great at what you have been tasked to do and never give up when the going gets tough. It is also important to be able to depend on your colleagues and your employer to help you achieve your goals and trust them to be a great team.”


Lucy McKerron, account director


“Being happy, and focusing your energy on others happiness means that evrything else will fall into place.”


Emma Holland, client services director

Fairness and decency

“My most important values are fairness and decency. I believe that we should always try to do the right thing by people and treat them fairly and with decency. These values are linked to the idea that you should, ‘treat others as you like to be treated yourself’, which I think we should all aim to do.”


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