15 February 2016

Why we love working in internal communications

As yesterday was Valentines Day we thought we’d take a break from all the chocolates and flowers (we wish!) to share why we love working in internal communications.

It’s a specialist area that we’ve proudly grown with over the last decade, and it perfectly complements our work in B2C design, employer branding, recruitment advertising and the ever-growing space of customer experience.

Employee comms makes a real difference to engagement and profitability. Here’s why it will always be our first love…

Helping people love their jobs


Let’s start with the most important reason. We have one mission – and that’s to help our clients ensure that their colleagues feel informed, engaged and enjoy going to work every day! There’s nothing quite like the buzz of seeing people share their experiences of a campaign you’ve created, comment positively on a new IC channel and truly become brand advocates. The rush, when colleagues get involved with a campaign, is hard to beat.

Getting to be extra creative


The design process for internal communications and employee engagement campaigns is a lot of fun! You can often have more creative license as the guidelines aren’t as strict. This means we can push things a lot further and be truly innovative in our approach. Our clients are brave and like to pack a punch in their creative – whether it’s careers websites, internal publications or integrated multi-channel campaigns.

Basing everything on insight


Every campaign we do is based on one thing – solid insight. Whether it’s surveys, focus groups, taking part in a shift on the shop floor or telephone research, to make internal communications work it has to ring true and be relevant and realistic to their everyday lives. This starts with listening to your employees. This is a fascinating step in the process, and we love seeing how our clients embrace the findings and adapt their messaging and strategies to fit.

Making a difference to the bottom line

As well as making work fun and empowering for employees, we also love the fact that what we do helps businesses improve turnover, productivity and profit. Helping businesses to attract AND retain employees can’t be sniffed at, especially given that some statistics suggest it can cost up to £30,000 to replace a member of staff.

The variety of people


We’ve been in business for 10 years and it has been really interesting to see how our client base has changed over that time. There’s a definite blur and now our clients vary from CEOs to heads of HR, learning & development, chief people officers, marketing departments, internal communications functions, PR and even IT. All of these departments are essential contributors and bring a valuable and different point of view.


The variety of channels


Internal communications uses every channel you can imagine and is just as tech-savvy and integrated as B2C, if not more so. From responsive websites, social networks (including ESNs), interactive screen technology, face-to-face meetings and town halls, videos, gamification, printed collateral, email marketing, animation…the list goes on. Our design and strategy teams are constantly keeping on top of new tech and relish the excitement of adding a new channel into the mix. All while continuing to embrace and champion traditional channels such as print.


The internal/external link


It’s obvious that happy employees equal better service, which means happier customers who are more likely to keep coming back. But this realisation has grown dramatically over the past couple of years with a lot more interdepartmental collaboration and cross projects. This is leading to some interesting work in the customer experience sector, and it’s interesting to see how businesses are aligning their internal and external strategies. Watch this space!

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