15 February 2016

Why we love what we do

To celebrate Valentines Day we asked everyone – why do you love what we do? Here is what the team had to say…


Nicky Clark, Director

“Our projects usually consist of insight and research to help really define client challenges and objectives. So I love seeing our creative team apply their magic to this and presenting back to clients highly creative solutions that truly excite them and totally nail the brief.”

Zoe Grimes, Creative Manager

“I love the variety. One day it’ll working on a safety campaign, the next day playing with drones up north.”

Gemma McGrattan, Director

“Having a great conversation with people and learning the ins and outs of their business and industry – from cinema, retail and utilities, to cars, shoes, the NHS, professional services, banking, hotels and heavy construction – honestly, it’s fascinating!”

Neneh Pepperell, Account Manager

“I love seeing an initial idea develop into reality, how collaborative we work together creatively and generally seeing my clients happy.”

Giles Hicks, Director

“The moment when a concept comes together and you think ‘we nailed it, it works.”

Sarah Shergold, Account Manager

“Seeing the spark of an idea become a tangible project that can provide real value to our clients, their employees and their customers.”

Sophie Drummond, Account Manager

“What I love most about my job is the variety and scope of the projects I work on. One minute I’m creating a walk in brand experience installation and the next I’m helping a client bring to life their strategic plans for 2016.”

Nick McCarthy, Senior Designer

“I love sharing ideas with the team to create a fantastic end product.”

Matt Elliott, Junior Designer

“The thing I love most is having the perfect coffee being made for me at 10.30 everyday by Nick.”

Lucy McKerron, Account Director

“I love unpicking a brief and working collaboratively to find great creative solutions.”

Brooke Nolan, Marketing Manager

“How everyone is so focused on results, but has a lot of fun along the way.”

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