4 November 2015

Employer brand update

Employer branding has been the topic of choice this summer, so we set out to find out how some of best businesses in the UK are using it to attract and retain the best people. The result is our new whitepaper ‘Finders Keepers’. 

We needed top-notch talent to share their views, so we interviewed your very own Sarah Hopkins who made some pertinent points on employer brand and how it impacts an organisation.

Some of you have seen our new whitepaper already, but for those who haven’t, here is a sneak preview. 


Sarah says:

“[Employer branding] is a holistic exercise and intrinsic to what we do. We’ve gone through every communication channel and reconfigured them under our values and priorities. We’ve rearranged quarterly briefing and management reports, modules in our leadership programmes and training materials. 


We say: 

This is spot on, and exactly how businesses should be approaching employer brand. It’s about so much more than recruitment; it’s every aspect of a business.


Sarah says:

“Our Gen Y approach has worked well. To ensure we get people who are going to stay, we hold interviews in places that reflect the nature of the job e.g. if you are going to be an engineer you get interviewed in a depot where it is noisy, dirty and where vans are coming and going. We manage the expectations of recruits from the outset.”


We say:

We love this idea…what better way to give a first impression to new recruits, and manage expectations from the outset?


Sarah says: 

“Developing an [employer branding] strategy is not an initiative or a campaign – it’s a core cultural shift in the way you communicate and your internal business practices and processes.”


We say:

Again, we couldn’t agree more, and we’re proud to have worked with you to help shape your employer brand to where it is today and look forward to the future too.


You can read the full whitepaper here, which also includes interviews with LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Aviva, Nationwide, Morrisons and ODEON among others.

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