13 November 2015

Trend watch: The rise of the brand ambassador programme

Lots of big companies are turning to brand ambassador programmes to rev up their employee engagement. We answer the burning questions on how it all works!

What exactly is a brand ambassador programme?

It’s an engagement programme that focuses on getting employees to take ownership of the brand. Following training, the ambassadors run events with their teams, a little like the usual brand champion role. What makes this different is that they also have direct contact with the communications team, feeding into the development and evolution of the brand – it’s a two-way process.


What’s the benefit?

There was a great example of this type of programme at Endsleigh Insurance. They invited their employees into the boardroom to find out where the challenges lay in delivering a great customer experience. It was a process that helped boost their employee engagement, Net Promoter Scores and customer satisfaction. Read it here


Who makes a good brand ambassador?

There are always the usual suspects: the people who are already engaged and passionate. But it’s also well worth using this as a tool to motivate people who are harder to reach – it gives them a platform to talk which can be really empowering. There’s a great case study from HSBC in our Melcrum notes of their ‘Shut Up and Listen’ initiative. 


What could this mean for ITG?

As we learnt on the road, ITG reps have a real appetite for getting involved and giving their opinion. One idea we’ve had at Synergy is to set up a group of reps from each market who could connect directly with Group Comms in a kind of reverse cascade. These Global Rep Ambassadors could then give face-to-face feedback to the reps in their market. We could even set up a dedicated Chatter forum to facilitate the discussions. There’s plenty of scope to put a big emphasis on communication, which is part of what makes brand ambassador programmes so exciting.

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