19 July 2016

The impact of employees on customer experience

Is your company’s marketing campaign being scuppered by disengaged employees? In the first of a new series of articles we’re writing for The Drum, we take a look.

You’ve got the most amazing new product, the most fantastic offer, a simply one-of-a-kind promotion that’s going to make your audience flock to you like never before. You’ve spent millions on multi-channel, omni-channel, above-the-line, below-the-line, through-the-line, around-the-line, programmatic, systematic, automatic.   And your audience is loving it; the feedback online is phenomenal, website stats are through the roof, social sharing is higher than ever. Now, you just need that buzz to turn into sales.   Good news. Your excited, raring-to-go consumer heads into the nearest store, desperate to buy this incredible, groundbreaking thing that will change their life forever.   They just have a quick question for the store assistant first….   But there’s a problem. They’re met by a blank stare, a nonchalant shrug, a non-committal ‘Er, I’m not really sure…’  

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How many of your campaigns include employee communications?

A major high street retailer told us recently how they’d launched a new loyalty card for customers – spending a significant portion of budget promoting it online, via POS, through direct mail etc. But employee communication was an afterthought.  

Yet employees are the ones that will turn your audience’s interest in your amazing new product, fantastic offer, or one-of-a-kind promotion, into a sale.   They’re the ones responsible for delivering a customer experience that will create loyal brand advocates who will come back time and again, and spread the word online and off.   There’s plenty of evidence to back this up.

One study suggests that 45 percent of customers will take their business to a competitor within one day of having a bad customer service experience.  

And McKinsey discovered that 70 percent of customers reduced their commitment to purchase after a bad experience, yet after a positive one 85 percent increased their value by buying more products.  

How many of you yourselves have had really bad service, which changes your perception of a brand?   It’s clear that sales are often driven by emotion, and even if you don’t have retail outlets, the rules still apply.  

For an online business you need your chat staff to be equally switched on, and call centre businesses often solely rely on customer experience as a differentiator.   Yet, even with all of this proof at our fingertips, employee engagement doesn’t seem to be a priority, and there is a clear disconnect between marketing and internal communications.  

The question is, if your marketing efforts are driving results now…imagine what could be achieved if you filled in that missing link?  

1). Join the dots between marketing and internal communications

  Open up communications between departments so that important information about your consumer marketing campaigns can be told through existing employee channels.  

2). It’s all about managers

  If you’re going to focus your efforts on anyone, make it managers and ensure they’re equipped with all the information they need to have conversations with their employees.  

3). Offer incentives

  You don’t just want informed employees; you want knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic employees. A great way to do this is through incentives and gamification.


4). Give us a shout

  We’re working with lots of brands at the moment – helping them to deliver excellent customer experience through improved employee engagement and creative communications. If you’d like an informal chat  about how we can help your organisation, give us a call on 0117 962 1534 or email gemma@mccannsynergy.com.uk.

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