13 November 2015

Synergy on the road

We headed out on the road with one of your ITG reps to find out what it’s really like to be on the front line. Research like this is crucial for developing engaging communications that get real results.


Here are our top five key takeaways from our day on the road:


1. It’s all about the face-to-face


When it comes to receiving Group communications, reps say team meetings win every time. “That way we have time to properly digest the information, ask questions, discuss it with the group and come up with ideas.”


2. Those that can, do

The best form of training is always in-field coaching and mentoring. “That constant refresher, learning from your manager on the job, is important.”


3. Early birds


Reps want to be involved with new ideas and initiatives early on. “The more time we have to buy into it ourselves, the easier it is to get buy-in from customers.”


4. Regionalised comms go a long way

Reps enjoy getting together to plan how to tailor the customer communications to their patch. “To have direct regionalised comms from Trade Marketing that reflect local insight would be great.”


5. All welcome!

There’s no such thing as ‘too much’ when it comes to field visits from Group/Market Senior Management. “We’d love to see more of the innovators and SLT out on the road – experiencing what we do with customers in their own environment first-hand.”

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