14 September 2015

Nine lessons, nine years

As Synergy celebrates turning nine, we caught up with our directors to find out the nine business lessons that got them to where they are today

Synergy turned nine last week, and we celebrated in style with yummy pie and mash, cake and plenty of reminiscing about the early days.

In nine years, Synergy has grown from a team of three to a team of 16.  We’ve got a cabinet chocca full of awards, the best creative and strategic talent and a client list we couldn’t be more proud of.

It’s been an amazing journey so far….here are our learnings from along the way. 

Nicky Clark, director

  1. Get stuck in: Creating a powerful and successful campaign is impossible unless you truly understand your clients’ business. The way to do that? Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. We’ve been on the road with sales reps, in quarries with construction companies and, this month, we’ll be serving popcorn in cinemas. Without doing this, you’ll never truly be able to deliver the best solutions
  2. Ditch the jargon: There’s so much jargon, buzz words and marketing spiel in communications. I’ve learned to never say something in 20 words that you can say in five. Keep things simple and uncomplicated
  3. Never try and keep up with Gemma: Our fellow director Gemma McGrattan is a mean, lean business machine. Never try and keep up! But seriously, I wouldn’t be where I am today without two awesome, dedicated business partners

Giles Hicks, creative director

  1. Learn to be fast: Insight is the lifeblood of our creative, but I believe your gut instinct will tell you what’s right most of the time. I’ve learnt to think, create and make decisions so much faster, without ever compromising on quality. Trusting yourself to do that is a big step
  2. Surround yourself with the best people:  I know instinctively how to spot the next great designer for our team. Again, it’s all about trusting your instinct. I totally believe in the design craft and I surround myself with a like-minded team of thinkers
  3. Know that it’s not easy: Everyone has a romantic notion that running a business gives you more freedom to take time off and relax…nope! It’s way more intensive. If you want to wow clients, win pitches and grow a successful business you have to put in the hours

Gemma McGrattan, director

  1. Be nice to people: Being nice goes a long way. Have a friendly and approachable style and be ready to listen and question. Be interested, enthusiastic and passionate about what you do. This always shines through and breeds enthusiasm in others
  2. Do your research: Always, always, always do your research. Never go anywhere un-prepared, and always be ready to lead. Stay on top of everything that’s happening in your industry, and your clients’
  3. Have fun: Being in business should be fun. For me that means cake, travel, get-togethers, sharing knowledge, bake-offs, our mini adventure day, our weekend away in Berlin…more cake. We’ve worked incredibly hard but have had fun every step of the way

A big thanks goes to all our talented team members and inspiring clients who we’ve had the pleasure to work with along the way. Here’s to the next nine years and beyond!

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