1 April 2015

New ideas and practices within brand engagement in the participation age

5 big ideas for employee engagement in the participation age

There’s a key buzz word in the world of internal communications and employee engagement recently: participation. Of course, the usual internal communications channels are still important, but now there’s a big focus on structuring your brand engagement plan around employee activities, problem-solving and collaboration. It’s one of those employee engagement ideas that’s really fundamental to success, so here’s are our top five tips for to boosting employee brand engagement in the participation age.

1. Brand engagement on social media

Social media offers plenty of opportunities to breath life into your brand engagement plan. Online forums, challenging questions, employee engagement quotes or questions of the day, encouraging chatter/yammer groups, online focus groups and open sessions with leaders are all winners.

Top Tip: Sharing views online isn’t for everybody. Make sure your people have a variety of ways to feedback and get involved. Some people may just prefer to view rather than comment so bear this in mind.

2. Try buddying as a Brand Engagement tool

Your leaders might know about strategy but your graduates could be much more on the ball when it comes to social media. It makes sense to buddy employees up to create collaboration, break down silos and encourage deeper engagement in newer employees. The Financial Times – (http://www.ft.com/home/uk) do this and it works really well for them.

3. Hand over control

If you’re looking to improve engagement, try giving your employees a task, such as making a movie, trialing a new idea they have or pledging to do something better. Your toolkit could include:

• An employee engagement ideas powerpoint to use in their own events

• An internal comms plan, to communicate with other departments

• Engagement ideas for the office, including games and even some interior design!

4. Engage leaders with your internal comms ideas

The role of internal comms often focuses on helping leaders become better communicators. Make sure your leaders are fully involved in all your workplace engagement ideas and activities; talking to them about the benefits of internal brand engagement and why internal comms is important in an organisation will help get them on board. Having a champion or ambassador at this level is key.

5. Don’t forget the fun!

Employees are much more likely to get involved with your workplace engagement ideas if they have fun while doing it!

For more best practice, resources and guides on internal communications and employee engagement visit our internal comms hub

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