21 August 2016

Merger and acquisitions employee communication

Merger & Acquisitions (M&As) are a valuable growth strategy for businesses looking to expand and acquire new capabilities. But M&A isn’t without its challenges.

Keeping employees motivated through this period of change is one of the most important considerations.


A 2015 report from Harvard Business Review found that between 70 per cent and 90 per cent of M&As fail. But why?


According to research, it is largely down to the integration between the two organisations. When you consider the IT, business and cultural factors at play, it’s not hard to believe.


The engagement and happiness of employees can have a significant impact on this success rate and there are four key areas that impact on this.


We call them ‘The 4 C’s of M&A engagement’. We’ve written a handy guide packed with practical advice and case studies, which you can download below. Until then, here’s a little taster:


1). Communication


Communication with employees during the M&A process is the most important of the 4 C’s. If employees feel out of the loop this will create a feeling of unease and uncertainty and it will be hard to regain trust.


2). Culture


One report suggests that 91% of failed M&As are the result of culture shock when the companies finally merge. This shows just how important it is to put culture firmly on the agenda.

3). Cascade


Your managers are integral for a successful M&A because they are often the ones in charge of cascading information. They’re also your most valuable assets… your managers are the people who really know your employees. They know what motivates them, what they respond to and, essentially, what will work.


4). Celebration


Although M&A is a time of change and looking forward, it’s also a chance to celebrate what’s been achieved. This helps to clear the emotions and allows people to focus on what can be created together in the future.


Download our guide which explores these topics in more detail with plenty of real-life examples and practical tips and advice. 


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To speak to us about your employee comms call 0117 962 1534 or email gemma@mccannsynergy.com.uk

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