6 April 2015

Marketing and Advertising is not just an external activity

Marketing and Advertising is not just an external activity and is crucial within the organisation – why Internal Communications is part of the whole Marketing Plan.

Integrating your internal communications with your external communications.

Marketing and internal communications can feel like very different beasts. But many companies have discovered serious benefits in integrating their internal communications strategy with their external marketing plan as Gemma McGrattan- https://www.linkedin.com/in/gemmamcgrattan our communications specialist explains.

A few years ago, when I used to tell people that Synergy Creative’s philosophy was to focus on brand engagement inside out (starting with employee engagement), I’d get some funny looks. Now, I get nods of agreement. Best practice in external brand engagement and a fantastic customer experience now puts a big emphasis on internal comms, why? Because every one of your employees is a potential brand ambassador – if they don’t buy into your brand, neither will your customers.

How to improve internal comms

Of course it’s easy to stick up a few posters and change your employee screensaver. But it’s not enough for employees to just know what’s going on, they need to be behind your strategy and involved in its creation where possible. And this is where internal comms gets really interesting (and why if you’re looking for brand engagement jobs, it pays to know the advantages of great internal comms).

Face to face communications

Face-to-face is always the gold standard in any marketing campaign, whether internal or external. Use team meetings, conferences, webinars, town halls, roadshows, drop-ins, espresso sessions or any other face-to-face channels to get your message across.

Ready-made ambassadors

Managers are crucial in any internal comms campaign. They are the people who know their teams best so make sure you brief them first, ask for their ideas and get them on board. Provide the right toolkits, guides and support to empower and engage them in the process and reward their contribution.

Brand engagement in the participation age

Many companies use social media via their intranet. This offers a great way not only to get your messages out in an engaging way, but to get feedback as well. Test ideas and focus on collaboration.

Activity-based employee initiatives

Activities are a good way to get your engage employees at every level. Creating their own posters, making movies, organizing picture competitions, self assessment quizzes or even committing to personal pledges are all popular ideas. And one advantage for you is that these types of employee engagement ideas free up your time to focus on the bigger picture. The aim is for employees to engage with the campaign and bring it to life with their own ideas so it takes on a new life with their involvement and contribution.

Finding an internal comms strategy template

Linking your overall company strategy to your internal comms strategy and, in turn, your employees’ objectives are the most powerful way to get them involved. Think company values and behaviours.

Gemma McGrattan– https://www.linkedin.com/in/gemmamcgrattan Synergy Creative’s Director, has worked on employee engagement campaigns for Ladbrokes, ODEON/UCI Cinema Group, Clarks shoes, Western Power Distribution and Morrisons. If you’re looking for internal communications examples, take a look at our case studies.

For more best practice, resources and guides on internal communications and employee engagement visit our internal comms hub

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