8 January 2015

Leadership communications are still not engaging employees

One of the main conclusions from the Towers Watson 2014 Global Workforce Study. Having researched the views of over 32,000 employees in 26 markets, this is fascinating reading for employee communications and engagement. Employee retention drivers are cited as confidence in leadership, job security and length of commute.

This report is well worth a read as it covers the emerging trends and issues shaping the global workplace.

Employee retention

Some of the highlights that caught our eye were that just over a quarter of employees were thinking of leaving their employer in the next two years – a case therefore for focusing on employee retention and maximising the overall employee experience.

Key retention drivers were listed including wanting more trust and confidence in senior leaders, job security, career advancement and the length of commute (one that surprised us)! So what will drive sustainable engagement? Up there is effective leaders and managers. For us we think a big factor here is good communication and involvement.

Towers Watson quoted

“In today’s global workplace, leadership is a driver of not only sustainable engagement overall, but also all the components of sustainable engagement.”

Management and Leadership development

With only 48% of employees reporting management is doing a good job, it’s an area to focus on with your leadership development programmes.

What’s also interesting is that an interview with David Fairhurst, McDonald’s new senior vice president for international HR and strategy by Recruiter mentioned quite similar drivers.

McDonalds new HR model

Another great article – David Fairhurst says his model is that employees want 3 things from their employer – Family, Flexibility and Future. In return employers need 3 things – 3 C’s – Commitment, Competence and Confidence.

Download both articles below.

Towers Watson 2014 Global Workforce Study

Recruiter article – McDonalds David Fairhurst talks employee engagement and ROI

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