30 March 2015

Jobs in internal communications, brand & employee engagement

Internal communications jobs: how to bag the best

Internal communications and brand engagement jobs are much sought after these days.

And where employee engagement was once the poor cousin to marketing, companies have now realised that internal communications is a powerful way to not only boost internal brand engagement, but external brand engagement as well. So how do you get an internal communications job in the first place? We asked Nicky Clark – uk.linkedin.com/in/nickysynergy, our employee engagement expert, for some tips:

Can you give us an employee engagement definition?

Internal communications best practice and employee engagement are about transforming your employees into brand ambassadors. It’s about engaging employees with your strategy, your values and the part they play motivating, rewarding and recognizing the team. It encompasses lots of different skills – ideas to get employees interested and involved, arranging events, creative themes and strong messaging, staying up to date with the latest comms trends and social media.

How can you make your internal comms CV more impressive?

It’s important to get the basics right. Spelling, punctuation and accuracy count, and you should also try to stand out. Calling up to ask a few questions in advance about their internal comms plan, or handing in your CV personally shows you’re proactive, keen and interested.

What are Employee Engagement Managers looking for?

Internal Comms Managers are constantly asking themselves ‘How can I bring my internal comms strategy to life?’ They want to see you’ve got plenty of employee engagement ideas that work and that you are up-to-date withbest practice. Research is key.

Can you give us some interview tips?

Do your homework: Prepare a great answer for ‘What do you know about us?’ Know the clients, projects, read the press releases – find out as much as you can. Build bonds: Look up the Internal Comms Managers on LinkedIn beforehand. Show your knowledge: Learn about the latest employee comms methodsincluding creating an employer brand, new ideas, vision and values and reward & recognition. Ask great questions: Find out where internal comms sits: on its own, within HR or with marketing and how they all collaborate with each other. Show results: Take examples of your previous comms plansand your results. In particular, what you’ve done, your contribution and the results. Also how you approach building great relationships with colleagues. Nicky Clark – uk.linkedin.com/in/nickysynergy, Synergy Creative’s Director, has worked on campaigns for Caterpillar, ODEON and Doosan Babcock. Hot tip: Looking for some great internal communications best practicecase studies? Then take a look at our case study page.

Internal communications job sites

InternalCommunications.com http://internal-communication.com/jobs/ LinkedIn jobs https://www.linkedin.com/job/ CIPR http://jobs.cipr.co.uk/jobs/job-search-results/ VMA Group http://www.vmagroup.com/ Jobs monster http://jobs.monster.co.uk/v-communications-q-internal-communications-manager-jobs.aspx PR Week http://www.prweekjobs.co.uk/jobs/internal-communications/south-east-england/ IOIC http://www.ioic.org.uk/jobs/view-all-jobs.html Simply Communicate http://www.simply-communicate.com/careers/jobs-search InternalCommsJobs http://www.internalcommsjobs.com/search.asp

We’re always keen to hear from exceptional people who’d like to work with us.

Please contact us on hello@mccannsynergy.com.uk and include a relevant subject line and your CV. Keep an eye out for new jobs which we post in our Gossip pages.

For more best practice, resources and guides on internal communications and employee engagement visit our internal comms hub

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