8 January 2013

Instagram challenge

Here at Synergy, we like a challenge so when our popular ‘bake off’ finished at the beginning of the autumn we knew we needed a new project, just as good but perhaps less calories!

So, the Soap Box was born.

The Soap Box is our weekly five minute talk from team members on any creative subject they like, ranging from Bauhaus design to the website stumbleupon. Five minutes of selling/ranting/rallying at the end of our weekly Team Meeting gets the week off to a noisy start.

To get us back in the swing of things post-Christmas (we’ve had enough of food), Dan from our design studio gave an interesting show-and-tell of retro cameras and set us going on the Instagram challenge.

Over the next fortnight we’ll be Instagraming a range of wacky images using the #teamsynergy2013 hashtag. Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Twitter accounts to see how we’re getting on and if you’re feeling creative why not get involved too?

Below is a list of the images we’ll be attempting each day – starting today!

1. Old picture of you
2. Tonight’s dinner
3. Something you made
4. View from your window
5. Favourite shoes
6. Something you’re listening to
7. Daily routine
8. Made you smile
9. Your weekend
10. Something you love
11. Where you work
12. Favourite colour
13. Your family
14. Self portrait

Happy snapping!

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