6 November 2012

Getting up-to-date on social media at Microsoft

On Thursday Sam went along to the CIPR Social Media Conference held at Microsoft’s London offices to listen to a programme of key note speakers cover all aspects of social media.

There was a fantastic range of speakers from different sectors including Sophie Brendel (@sophiebr) who is Head of Digital Engagement at the BBC who spoke about how the BBC managed Twitter during the Olympics, David Bailey (@bailey9799) who is the Neighbourhood Communications Manager for Staffordshire Police and Alex Pearmain (@alexpearmain), Head of PR and Social Media for O2 in the UK.

A wide range of social media related topics were covered throughout the day including creating social media guidelines, integrating traditional and social media, measurement & strategy and mobile & location to name just a few.

Needless to say there was a lot of tweeting throughout the day on #CIPRsm which we even managed to get trending in London over the course of the day. Check out the hashtag for thoughts from those who were there, but here are a selection of top tips and interesting facts from the day: Top Gear is the most successful UK social media brand with 12 million Facebook likes and 700,000 Twitter followers. They are followed by the likes of Britain’s Got Talent, The Guardian, Coronation Street and The Only Way is Essex.

The most successful social media accounts are generally those with an honest tone of voice, that are funny and updated regularly. These brands are experimenting and repeating what works.

  • Out of the Top 12 UK Youtube channels, only one (the BBC) is a traditional media platform, the others are businesses such as Vevo, rightster, base79 and Revision3.
  • Companies are starting to use data more to personalise peoples social media experience.
  • 150 million tweets were sent during the olympics.
  • It’s okay for your social media strategy to develop organically – try things out, drop them or upscale quickly.
  • Being useful to your audience with content can win over trying to be interesting.
  • People like to read positive things!
  • Lead and join conversations and bring networks together.
  • Last year mobile usage dramatically increased and it’s consumers that are driving it. This is unlike the digital revolution which was led by the software companies.
  • There is a big opportunity to innovate and get ahead of the competition with mobile. Nobody’s got it right yet and people are experimenting.
  • People are not scanning QR codes in huge numbers, they still prefer to search for content. We started to see a decline of QR codes at the start of this year.
  • 50% of our mobile data use in the UK is for Facebook.
  • 86% of Twitter users complain about brands and only 70% of brands listen.
  • £36 is estimated to be the value of a Facebook like and £3 for a Twitter follower (source Buzzfeed Oct 2012).
  • 70% of trending topics is stuff off the TV.

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