21 May 2015

Drive – the truth about what motivates us

By Daniel Pink

‘The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us’ – A New York Times bestseller

Do you manage creative types? Do you still use the ‘carrot and stick’ mentality? Then time to read DRIVE, Daniel Pink’s book that might just change the way you think about employee motivation.

It’s a little repetitive in parts (you soon get the picture!) but what’s evidently clear is that there is still a big mismatch between what science has proven (years ago) and what businesses actually do in an attempt to motivate employees.

Pink talks about how we’ve moved from a Motivation 2.0 world, where people are rewarded and punished, to a Motivation 3.0 world, where satisfaction comes from the work itself.

Learn about the principles of Flow, Mastery, Autonomy and Purpose, as well as some inspiring examples along the way from the likes of 3M, Google and Zappos.com, all of whom rank highly as employers.

Have a read… perhaps it’s time to stop dangling that carrot?!

Order the book by clicking here

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