4 September 2018

Change Communications Masterclass

Take our free online change masterclass and get to grips with managing change comms

The only constant is change. And as the world around us continues to evolve at a phenomenal pace, organisations have to adapt to survive. And that means change.

Whether it’s an operational restructure, launching into a new market, announcing a new strategy or a complete organisational transformation programme, change has become the new BAU.

To give change programmes the highest chance of success, organisations need to rally employees, equipping them with the capability to deal with this uncertain way forward and view change not as a challenge, but an opportunity to create something better.


At Synergy, we’ve got a long history of supporting companies like Sainsbury’s Argos, ODEON Cinemas Group and Sovereign Housing Association with communications programmes to help manage change within their businesses, and bring it to life.


With so much knowledge and experience under our belt, we wanted to share our learnings and create this mini masterclass to inspire you with best practice change comms and practical tips, wherever you are in your change programme.

We recommend taking an hour a day for four days to read, watch and think about how you can manage change communications in a different way.

Who is this for?

Whether your role is change, HR, internal comms, corporate comms or operations, the masterclass will provide you with loads of useful guidance and tips to apply to your business.


What’s inside?

  • Module 1 – Bringing change communications to life – an overview of the essentials
  • Module 2 – Change models – how to make these useful in practice
  • Module 3 – Helping your managers deliver the best change comms
  • Module 4 – Re-injecting life halfway through change with comms

Click on the link below or here to get started.



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