13 November 2015

Battle of the doormat

Every year 17.5bn pieces of direct mail are sent in the UK, and next year tens of thousands of these will belong to WWU!

Direct mail is the ideal way of providing vital, timely information to the local community and improve long-term stakeholder engagement and customer satisfaction. But standing out from the crowd isn’t always easy. 


Why it matters:


  • With 99 per cent of UK households covered, including all those homes not on lists, doordrop can truly reach every sector of the marketplace
  • The use of intelligent analytics and geo-demographic targeting ensures effective regional and national marketing campaigns
  • Research from the Royal Mail showed that 89 per cent of the audience remembered receiving a door drop while 90 per cent were happy to receive door drop from retailers, followed by FMCG brands
  • Experian research discovered that for 52 per cent of people door drops were the most important source of research into purchases, leaving the internet, at 24 per cent, a long way behind
  • Major advertisers understand these benefits, with 80 per cent of the top 100 advertisers regularly using the medium


Best practice in action:


  • When BSkyB sent out a door drop in the form of a racing driver’s helmet, to launch its Sky Sports F1 channel, it achieved a response almost 50 per cent higher than any previous Sky Sports or HD campaign
  • Kellogg’s cereal door drop for its All-Bran Golden Crunch gained a 48 per cent opt-in against a target of 30 per cent, and door drop is now established as one of its core mediums
  • Door drop is one of Specsavers’ top-performing media channels, after regularly delivering consistent results


If you’re considering mailings – here are a few tips:


  • Take a step back and re-evaluate what you’ve done before
  • Always ensure a good balance of copy and words, and don’t be too copy heavy
  • Reduce text to key points
  • Use the brand: WWU’s bright colours are perfect for achieving stand out
  • Organise your information hierarchy – what is most important for the reader to know?
  • Focus on positive messages not negative
  • Use the envelope – make people want to open it
  • Make your tone personal, conversational and warm







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