23 February 2016

Bringing Aviva’s financial results to life

Synergy turned the communication of Aviva’s financial results on its head in an interactive, creative employee campaign.

The financial information that Aviva needs to give its employees is complex and can be difficult for employees to relate to their individual roles. The sheer volume of statistics means that the significance behind the numbers can easily be lost.

We created a toolkit of communications for Aviva’s 275 offices worldwide, which was translated into seven languages. It aimed to bring this information to life for colleagues, make it more easily accessible, understandable and meaningful and show how it relates to people’s day-to-day roles.

Creating impact:

The campaign provided clarity and made sense of the figures in a jargon-free way. After the campaign, 91% of employees said they understood how their team contributed to the overall financial results, the percentage of people who said they’d seen the figures was up 44% on 2014 and 94% of employees had meaningful conversations about the results. The feedback on the campaign design and content was extremely positive with 92% of employees liking our ‘If you remember five things….make it these’ concept.

A quick overview

/ A strong concept/theme to tie it all together ‘Your hard work adds up’ translated for global use

/ The idea of ‘If you remember five things….make it these’

/ Save the date emails with a voting mechanism for people to choose which area of the results they’d like to discuss with their managers

/ Creative visual dashboard with financial highlights

/ Infographics, to be used flexibly and tailored to market

/ Manager briefing packs

/ Set of icons that communication’s teams can use within future financial communication

/ Phase two will focus on mini briefing videos explaining the terms used in the report



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