21 January 2015

Are your employees motivated?

Wednesday (21st Jan) marks the UK’s first Official National Employee Motivation Day.

Celebrate with us for the chance to win a hamper chock-o-block with goodies to share! Can you rise to our challenge?

What really motivates your employees? Perhaps today is the day to find out?!

We’ve shared our motivational secrets on camera… you’ll see our smashers below.

Now it’s your turn! Watch the Synergy team videos, then make one of your own (Picture, Drawing or Video)…what motivates you or your team? Tweet us your efforts and you’ll be in with a chance to win our goodie hamper. The winner will be selected by the Synergy team for creativity and originality!

Thanking colleagues, celebrating work and making them proud to work for you… little things and good communications make the big difference.

Top tips to motivate and our own secrets…

What motivates Laureline? Top tip #1

Set goals that are challenging, exciting and can be broken down into smaller tasks, as demonstrated brilliantly by Laureline!

What motivates Nicky? Top tip #2

Get social. Nights out and away days are an important part of feeling like a valued part of the team – Nicky loves the balance of city and country living!

What motivates Gemma M? Top tip #3

Give time out. Allowing your employees time to focus on projects outside of work can really foster an entrepreneurial spirit. Gemma, our Director, shares her passion.

What motivates Zoe B? Top tip #4

Do something different. Giving employees the chance to break out of their comfort zone will expand their career horizons and boost their energy, as Zoe, our Senior Designer, demonstrates.

What motivates Clare? Top tip #5

Understand what truly motivates! When it comes to job satisfaction, money is only a small part of the puzzle, as Clare, our Finance Manager, explains.

What motivates Clair? Top tip #6

Value the personal. Nobody leaves their personal lives at the door when they come to work. Support your employees to do lots of what they love and you’ll really boost their motivation and commitment. Find out more from Clair, our designer.

What motivates Giles? Top tip #7

Get their creative juices flowing! Want an injection of creativity? Then look outside your workplace – as Giles shows us, inspiration is all around.

What motivates Nick? Top tip #8

Energise your team. Nick shows us just how important high energy is! Build big energy events and creative ideas into your planning to keep your employees on top form.

What motivates Matt? Top tip #9

Embrace the tea round! Recent studies from the University of Connecticut have demonstrated how being well-hydrated keeps us on the ball – and Matt in the design agrees! http://psychcentral.com/news/2012/02/20/dehydration-influences-mood-cognition/35037.html

What motivates Gemma J? Top tip #10

Don’t accept the dull! Help employees look for the nugget of excitement in every project and you’ll teach them to never get bored at work again! Here’s where Gemma finds her inspiration. She’s also shared one of her favourite adverts…

In this richly, diverse and amazing business that we work in, we occasionally receive briefs that, at first appear perhaps less than exciting than we would have hoped. But this is exactly the challenge that I love – because we need to push harder to find that big idea, to excite and engage our audience. Volvo’s precision engineering for long vehicles, at first glance was one of those briefs. But the idea and execution in my opinion are dazzlingly smart and powerful – it is an ad that has become a movie – one that is captivating and awe inspiring. With perfect timing, emotive music and the ‘Split master’ at centre stage, it is nothing less than brilliant. Watch the clip that inspires me here.


What motivates Chris? Top tip #11

Take on a positive mental attitude. Forbes has listed 10 ways that being positive helps you in the workplace. Chris (and his little helpers) tell us what motivates him.

What motivates Zoe? Top tip #12

Spice it up! As Zoe shows us in her video, variety is very definitely the spice of life. Keep your employees energised by giving them plenty of opportunities to develop.

What motivates Liz? Top tip #13

Take a break. From boosting concentration to sparking creativity, research tells us that exercise is great for motivation – and Liz, our Senior Account Manager, agrees! Try a lunchtime team power walk.

More big ways to motivate your employees

For leaders

Become a role model

Demonstrating your company’s values every day can be tough, but being a good role model (http://www.som.cranfield.ac.uk/som/p14216/Think-Cranfield/2010/February-2010/Are-you-a-good-role-model) has a big impact on employees.

Tell tales

Storytelling (http://www.intelligenthq.com/tools-social-media/power-storytelling-strategic-business-tool/) is a hot leadership tool at the moment – use it to win hearts and minds.

Go back to the floor

One of employees’ biggest gripes is that directors don’t know what it’s like on the ground. Tackle this with a programme of back-to-the-floor activity, as described in Management Today. (http://www.managementtoday.co.uk/features/1042687/crash-course-in-going-back-floor/)

For managers

Sleep on it

According to Arianna Huffington from the Huffington Post, getting enough sleep is crucial for success. (http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/arianna-huffington/uk-national-sleep-day_b_2031120.html) Nap, anyone?

Keep things fresh

The Great British Bake Off, X Factor, Wimbledon… if you’re looking for a fun teambuilding activity then base it on something people are already talking about.

Say ‘thanks’

It’s the simple things that matter. Read eight things that employees love to hear from managers, in Business News Daily.  (http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/4549-words-employees-happy.html)

Find out more about National Employee Motivation Day (from Argos for Business) here:http://employeemotivationday.co.uk/whats-it-about/

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