14 November 2013

7 steps to wowing future customers

We all want to attract new business, but how can we get noticed and dress to impress?

We recently attended a seminar all about new business and wowing future customers, where we heard firsthand experiences from various departments including procurement personnel from brands such as Microsoft, Coke, William Hill, and Metro. Putting their insights together with our own wealth of experience in helping clients attract new customers, we’ve put together the following guide, to help you when you set out to win new business.

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1. Insight

Nobody’s going to listen to you if they can’t see that you know what you’re talking about. Show them that you understand your market inside and out, that you really know your business, and that that you have an interest and – most importantly – a point of view.

2. Peer Recognition

Being recognised by your peers is very important. So, take the time to get your name out there, and forge a reputation. Build relationships and take stands. Demonstrate your capability, and your trustworthiness, and you may find that people start recommending you.

3. Passion

If you are genuinely passionate about your products and services, that enthusiasm will shine through in everything you say and do. And enthusiasm is infectious. Demonstrate your passion, and you’ll find others getting on board.

4. Creativity

Don’t just keep on doing the same old things. When you’re setting out to attract new customers, take the time to be creative in your approach. Find new ways to catch the eye and invite attention – and innovative new ways to follow up. For instance, when arranging a meeting with a prospective customer, give some thought to the environment. It doesn’t have to be a boring conference room. Find some way to link the venue to the products and services you have to offer. Try presenting on the factory floor, or at a local art gallery. The more creative your choice of venue, the more memorable your presentation will be. Look at the way your competitors market themselves, and try to think how you can do something different. Think about your sector and your customers, and try to find a new way of getting your message across. Draw inspiration from the way other sectors approach their marketing.

5. Reminders

Even if a prospective customer has no immediate need of your product or service, you can still keep in touch. Plan a series of creative communications designed to keep you in their thoughts. Keep the conversation alive and nurture the relationship. That way, when they are considering a purchase, you’ll be at the forefront of their mind.

6. The Personal Touch

We know it’s true – “people buy from people.” There’s no place for interchangeable, anonymous salespeople in suits. Let your individual team members shine. Showcase their professionalism and experience, and highlight their chemistry and team work. When considering working with a new supplier, Microsoft likes to meet the entire team – seniors, juniors, everyone!

7. Make Yourself Useful

Don’t just bombard your prospects with sales literature. Give them a reason to read your communications. Share insights and market reports; keep them up-to-date on the latest innovations and industry trends; and use a variety of channels – direct mail, newsletters, blogs, social media – to deliver content that they will find genuinely useful and, with a bit of luck, content that they will share with their friends and colleagues.

Go on, knock em dead!

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