10 July 2018

Measuring Internal Comms – making it meaningful

78% of IC professionals feel that their CEO values the importance of IC. And yet only 35% say that they have access to the resources needed to develop and implement an effective internal communications strategy.

For any organisation, proving the ROI of internal comms is crucial. So how do you do it?
Here’s our guide to measuring internal communications effectiveness…

Internal comms is struggling to get a seat at the top table. And to be honest, it’s easy to see why. For internal communications and employee engagement teams, demonstrating the impact and return on the investment of internal communications against wider organisational objectives can still be a struggle and clearly one of the challenges facing IC professionals today. In the face of constant change, the demands placed on IC are steadily increasing while the majority of budgets remain the same year-on-year and a third of IC pros are experiencing budget cuts. The question is not what can you measure, but what should you measure? We answer all these and more in our FREE report including:

  • The commercial benefits of getting measurement right
  • How brands like Nationwide, EDF and Virgin Atlantic are measuring internal comms effectively
  • Creating a culture of measurement
  • 10 top tips for making measurement meaningful in your organisation


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