27 October 2021

What can you learn from the world’s best employers?

Get inspired to improve your employee experience and EVP by global businesses that made it onto Forbes’ World’s Best Employers list.

Forbes has recently published one of our favourite lists of 2021: ‘World’s Best Employers’. Samsung, IBM and Microsoft nabbed the top three spots. But we want to shine the spotlight on some of the other companies featured in the list. We’ve taken a dive into three well-known to discover what we can learn from their approach to employee experience (EX).

Company: Amazon
Position: #4
What you can learn from…their approach to careers

Amazon invests heavily in career development – with a whopping $1.2 billion promised by 2025. This, combined with a global mentorship program, and 13 global affinity groups including the Black Employee Network (BEN) and Amazon Women in Engineering (AWE), demonstrating their commitment to inclusion and supporting career development for all.

They say: Vice president of workforce development Ardine Williams said: “We want to put people onto a career path.”

We say: Industries everywhere are feeling the bite of the Great Resignation. Encourage your people to stick with you by showing them the career paths open to them. Make the link between their work and their own personal purpose.

Company: Dell
Position: #7

What you can learn from… their approach to remote working

A decade before the Covid pandemic hit, Dell was already embracing remote working with a hybrid working model. According to a report by Forbes, the remote working balance led to greater engagement, productivity and diversity in the workplace.

They say: “We define work as an outcome, so that opens up the talent pool,” said Jenn Saavedra, Dell’s chief human resources officer.  “We believe there’s amazing talent everywhere.”

We say: When Dell made the shift to hybrid working, it was revolutionary. Now, it’s become the norm. If you’re business is struggling, here are some tips to help you – and your C-Suite! – get to grips with what hybrid working really means for your business.

Company: Target

Position: #25

What you can learn from… their approach to learning and development (L&D)

This year, Target announced a $200 million investment into its debt-free education assistance benefit. This will give its 340,000 people the chance to participate for free in everything from degree programs to boot camps – that’s a pretty powerful incentive to join the company and stay there.

They say: Damu McCoy, Target’s vice president of talent acquisition, said:  “You don’t stay just because you get your paycheck. You stay because you’re inspired by the people you work around, you believe in the organisation.”

We say: Don’t underestimate the power of progression for recruiting and retaining the best talent. Give your people L&D opportunities they actually want, and make sure they’re crystal clear about what’s on offer, including everything from lunchtime briefings to qualifications. Here are some more useful examples of companies who are offering L&D opportunities for their staff.

How does your EX measure up?

If reading these great employee experience achievements has inspired you to re-evaluate, talk to us! From getting your comms foundations in place to employee brand activation, we can help you start your journey to unleashing the power of your people. Get in touch for inspiration, research and support.

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