18 December 2017

Launching and embedding Facebook Workplace – a 1610 story

1610 wanted a better way for their 500+ staff to communicate and collaborate across their 19 sites. We worked with them to launch and embed Facebook’s Workplace ESN. Here’s how we did it.

Following the impact of national living wage, 1610, the not-for-profit leisure trust went through a restructure. As part of this process, an employee survey highlighted the need for better communication across the business. With a young, vibrant workforce of personal trainers, lifeguards and administrative staff not in typical desk-based roles, 1610 needed a digital tool that could bring everyone together to collaborate, share company news and bring the multiple sites closer together. 1610 came to us for our advice. Initially, we shared best practice and learnings from other organisations with similar challenges. Following this, the decision was made that Facebook’s Workplace Enterprise Social Network (ESN) fitted the bill. To make it work, we needed to launch and embed workplace into the business. Here’s how we did it: Pre-launch

  • A teaser campaign around each site including emoji stickers and posters and to build excitement and curiousness about what was coming
  • Signed up and trained all members of the senior leadership team, as well as senior managers and middle managers
  • Built a network of champions across the business who were the key drivers of Workplace content and the ‘go-to’ experts for any Workplace queries from staff

Launch day 

  • Set up ‘activation stations’ at each centre for all employees to sign up to Workplace
  • Champions were on hand to answers any questions and take staff through the sign up process if needed
  • Emoji cookies and treats to build the buzz and excitement further
  • Content had already been posted by senior managers, middle managers and the SLT to make Workplace feel ‘alive’

Post launch

Since launch, engagement and collaboration has been great. A bigger content plan had been written and prepared but in the end, wasn’t needed as the platform grew organically. One of the most successful groups has been the recognise and reward group as it’s now so much easier for employees to share successes and positive stories across all 19 sites. One member of head office likened Workplace to a ‘shop window to see what’s going on across the business’ which we love.   Want to know more? Let Rebecca Sawtell, Head of Marketing at 1610 tell you about the impact Workplace has had on their business in the video below. 

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