15 June 2021

Internal communications in 2021

The trends and what to do with them!

The Covid pandemic created a big focus on the role of Internal Comms, as companies in every industry scrambled to inform, collaborate and engage under pressure. But what now?  A new report, The Global State of Internal Comms, has revealed the top three trends for the IC industry in 2021. Here’s our take on what they could mean for your IC team.

Trend 1: The employee experience

Holding its position, the employee experience is still firmly at the top of the list.

We say: Employer brand makes the promise. Employee experience keeps the promise.

In light of a new future of work, it’s time to re-define your employee experience from hire to retire. From re-engaging your people, to onboarding virtually, make sure every decision supports your culture. The best people experiences cement that crucial link between what colleagues are doing, and your overall purpose.

Trend 2: Remote working

Whoever you talk to, one thing is clear: Remote working is here to stay. According to a new report by Microsoft, 73% of people say they want flexible working options, and 46% are looking to re-locate because they can now work remotely.

We say: Suck it and see.

The global shift to flexible working will likely impact your entire business from here on in. It will dictate what your people expect, who chooses to work for you, and the kind of support your managers need. But this shift is new, so it’s ok not to have all the answers. Encourage leaders and employees alike to see the next few months as a time for co-creation, testing, feedback and learning.

Trend 3: Future of work

This is a biggy. Not only is technology changing what’s possible (think VR training and virtual conferences) but, following Covid, we’re also all much more willing to embrace it.

We say: Balance digital with wellbeing

In the Global State report, email, instant messaging and intranet were cited as the most common internal comms channels, with video conferencing the most useful. But there’s a real danger of digital overload.  Start thinking about guidelines to help your people stay in control of their digital world – we have lots of experience in this, so do get in touch – hello@mccannsynergy.com if you need some expert input.

It’s time to get strategic

The IC team’s remit is huge. It’s easy to get lost in tactics, instead of building your position as trusted advisor.

In recent months, we’ve seen clients take the opportunity to review and renew their Internal Communications strategies so they’re robust enough to help them thrive and flexible enough to jump on new opportunities.

If you’re one of the 52% of businesses that don’t have an Internal Communications strategy, then drop us a line – we’re here to help you get there.

Drop us a line to discuss. hello@mccannsynergy.com

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