12 November 2021

How To Embrace Employee Activists In Your Climate Strategy – Part 1

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With COP26 uniting the world to tackle climate change — there is a worldwide appetite to join the fight. Businesses are eager to share their climate pledges, but how does this happen internally? Employees can often be the last to know about company updates, they can read about it externally in a social post before being told from within. But when it comes to the climate, there are no gatekeepers, its personal and affects us all. So, when setting corporate climate promises why wouldn’t you include all employees?  

Don’t allow your climate pledges to run the risk of collecting dust. Unopened policy documents do no one any good — find out how to activate your colleagues in the fight against climate change. 

Employee activism infographic

Every employee has climate responsibility   

As we write about what employee activism looks like, leading resource for climate change solutions, Project Drawdown reminds us that every job can be a climate job, from assistants to CEOs.  

‘Accountants, for example, can focus on counting dollars and cutting costs while simultaneously finding ways to align financial resources with climate goals. Cafeteria workers can promote foods that are healthy for people and the planet and help reduce food waste.’   

Just think of the untapped possibility that sit within each department of a business. From suggestions around ways the business could limit energy consumption, to introducing innovations that make restricted travel easier. Talk to us about how we can help you embrace employee activism as a way of pulling people in and focusing on what else you can do as a unified business to tackle the worldwide issue of climate change. 

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