24 April 2023

How to create a powerful brand purpose (and communicate it effectively)

Creating and communicating purpose is integral to employee engagement in today’s highly competitive job market. Be sure to follow these five steps to ensure yours is fit for purpose.

Rising prices everywhere and political mishaps have left people worn out and disillusioned.

More than ever, they hope to find a sense of meaning and belonging from their work and are turning to businesses with a strong sense of brand purpose that they trust to do the right thing.

This shift applies to clients too. Deloitte’s research shows that 57% of consumers are more loyal to brands that commit to addressing social inequities in the actions they take.

However, developing a clear company commitment in such a landscape is fast becoming a major advantage. Read on to uncover what it takes to define your brand purpose and communicate it effectively to inspire positive change in your company.

What is brand purpose? 

Brand purpose is the reason why a company exists besides the need to make money. It’s a framework that informs your decisions and a business and the thought processes behind every move.

It’s your ‘why’ and an opportunity to set yourself apart from your competitors.

5 ways to define your brand purpose and communicate it effectively

  1. Embrace that blank space

One very simple way to find or refine your purpose is to ask yourself, ‘why do you exist?’. Get comfortable working from a blank canvas.

A blank canvas can be a great way to kickstart a productive brainstorm. So, start with this, see which insights it yields, and don’t be afraid to sit with the results, or give it time to become clear. We’re here if you want any help in exploring this

  1. The power of three

When it comes to defining why your company exists, there are three VIPs you need to persuade – your business, your customers, and your colleagues. A strong brand purpose will satisfy all three.

It should meet the needs of your business, resonate with what your colleagues want, and deliver for your customers. To get that, do your research, get insight, and test.

  1. Lead from the front

We’ve already mentioned the strong influence that managers have on colleagues. Managers and leaders who work from a sense of commitment can bring colleagues forward exponentially. So, make sure your leaders are purpose-led.

Provide them with the coaching and training they need to embrace the strategy and values you’re collectively striving for.

  1. Make it your culture

Once tested and defined, your brand purpose is the foundation that underpins everything you do. Mention it often, refer to it in your comms, test against it, make decisions in line with it, bring it to life at your events, and use long-term measures to track and report.

  1. Make colleagues co-creators

Share your brand purpose by engaging your colleagues in purpose-driven decisions, even tricky ones. Town halls and workshops are good opportunities for colleagues to speak their minds and make an impact, while regular surveys will uncover how your people really feel. The latter example is another very effective way to test how people are living it.

Need a hand defining your brand purpose comms?

Knowing how to create a powerful brand purpose is one thing, but finding the time or having the tools to implement the changes successfully isn’t easy. 

At McCann Synergy, we’re here to help every step of the way. If you want to reap the rewards of defining your brand purpose and company values and want help getting started, get in touch with Gemma McGrattan at gemma.mcgrattan@mccannsynergy.com.



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