14 November 2022

How businesses are redefining workplace culture

There has never been a greater time to make employment meaningful.

Humanity has burst through the corporate layers and demanded its rightful place at the centre of the workplace.  

Given the huge shift in employee practices over the past couple of years, now is the perfect time to reimagine workplace culture, putting your people at the heart of your organisation. It’s essential that organisations know how to define, build and change their company culture in order to attract and retain the right talent in challenging times.

On 10th November we hosted a virtual event demonstrating the core values and guiding principles of your company culture in order to engage and retain employees, attract new talent and build a strong employer brand.  

These are our 5 key take-outs from the session:

  1. High-performing cultures require a strong sense of ‘we-ness’ which must come from the top-down.
  2. Focus on the ‘soil’ of your culture, and the ‘fruits’ of innovation will flourish.
  3. Cultures which make a feature of diversity are more likely to be highly productive.
  4. To understand our cultures, we should start by listening to our employees.
  5. Successful cultures are cultivated, not controlled.

Catch up on what you missed now.

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Virtual Event Speakers

The virtual event boasted an impressive line-up of speakers.

Bruce Daisley
Author ‘The Joy of Work’ (2019) and Former European VP – Twitter

Bruce talked about the radically simple thought that rewarding cultures require a strong sense of unity – or ‘we-ness’ – which must come from the top-down.

Time to reimagine workplace culture

Ed Essey
Director of Intrapreneurship – Microsoft Garage

Ed shared how by focussing on culture, positive outcomes like innovation are more likely to come to fruition, (rather than solely focussing on the output). As Ed puts it, we must create the ‘soil’ in which fruitful trees can flourish.

Time to reimagine workplace culture

Joy Taylor
Head of Culture & M&A Integrations – Electronic Arts (EA)

Joy explored how EA places an emphasis on ensuring employees reflect the diversity of their customers and players.

Time to reimagine workplace culture

Nicky Clark
Client Director – McCann Synergy

Nicky was chief host and highlighted that on average we spend 90,000 hours at work over our lifetime – that’s over a decade of our lives spent at work. Wow!

Time to reimagine workplace culture

Joe Hoppard
Head of Strategy – McCann Synergy

Joe talked about the importance of cultivating rather than controlling culture to allow points of difference room for expression.

Time to reimagine workplace culture

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