1 March 2018

Research report: Engaging a remote workforce

For businesses with non-desk based employees without access to email, a laptop or even an office, how do you ensure this audience is in the loop, engaged and living the company values?

There’s never been a better time to find out. So we did. 

Communication within a business is easy, right? Just send an email, do a desk drop, update your intranet, send a push notification, put up some posters and hold a company conference. But now think of your average labourer, warehouse worker, mechanic, contact centre colleague or cleaner. No laptop, irregular shifts, no desk. Maybe a quick five-minute team huddle in the morning or poster in the canteen?

Are these still the only ways to connect with these employees? And are they effective?

This report is a culmination of research we’ve undertaken into engaging this traditionally hard to reach audience. We’ve conducted interviews with workforces and their managers, from companies including Wales & West Utilities, Appetito, Imperial Brands and Knorr-Bremse. We’ve scoured every resource we can for best practice case studies and even held our own hackathon where we invited clients, peers, and experts to join us in brainstorming ideas to provide further inspiration.


It’s packed with insight, best practice and case studies from a whole host of brands as well as a range of practical tips and ‘instant ideas’ to get you started. 


You’re about to get your hands on a copy of our whitepaper, we just need a few details from you.

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