26 September 2022

The REAL value of your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

Is your employer brand right for the new world of work and your business goals?

When Employer Value Propositions (EVPs) first gained popularity, they were often simply seen as a clever way to boost talent attraction and recruitment. But, given the sheer amount of research, creativity, drafting and co-creating involved, you could be forgiven for wondering if they could achieve even more.

But now, since the pandemic, the impact of the employer brand on retention, employee experience and sustainable business growth has rightly attracted the attention of leaders. We’re already starting to see a trend for HR and Marketing teams to join forces – and we predict that’s going to gather pace fast. And it’s not just HR. It’s a critical priority for CMO’s and in a large global survey by Randstad, 84% of c-suites said their organisations were now more focused on talent experience than ever before.

Is your employer brand right for the new world of work and your business goals? If not, it could well be time to re-think, re-write and communicate your EVP. Here, we’re looking at why it’s worth it – and how to get it right.

To attract top talent

This is an obvious but critical one. Following the pandemic, the world of work changed for ever, as did people’s priorities. According to LinkedIn, 75% of job seekers now consider an employer’s brand before applying for a job. And with Glassdoor advising that the cost per hire in the US is around $4000, it’s crucial to attract and recruit the right people first time. You need to be clear on what you offer, clear on the promise and the expectation and clear on how you use your culture and employee experience to deliver on it. 

To create sustainable growth

EVPs might have started life as a recruitment and retention tool, but used well, they act as the foundation of a strong employer brand that’s fundamental for your organisational sustainability. Organisations who take it seriously as a way of representing, reflecting and guiding their culture, experience behaviours that win long-term. Authentic EVPs strengthen and reinforce the bond and commitment between organisation and employee, by making promises and living up to them. It’s about creating levels of engagement and culture that gives you a differentiator for sustainable business growth.

To align experiences

According to a 2022 Forrester Pulse Survey, employer branding is now a critical priority for CMOs, with one quoted as saying “Now is the time, talent is the No. 1 priority among our leaders.” One of the reasons CMOs have such an important role to play is that employer branding is increasingly supported by marketing. The recent changes to the way we all work are making the impact of employer brand and engagement much more stark, marketing teams can see the potential of intentionally aligning the EX, BX and CX.

3 principles behind great EVPs

Thinking about researching, creating and testing a new EVP? Here are McCann Synergy’s three guiding principles:

  1. Bring your employer brand to life in an inspiring way. Your EVP should be compelling, desirable and a living expression of your culture. 
  2. Take a truly people-centric approach. Tap into the moments that matter and be guided by what your people and candidates want. 
  3. Consistency is key. Wherever you sit in a business – your location, department, role or seniority – you should always have a consistent employee experience that delivers on those employer promises.

At McCann Synergy, we help companies define, create and activate their Employer Value Proposition to attract, engage and retain the best talent. And now, our new EVP Solution is making that process even more streamlined: simply choose one of our employee solutions to get the McCann Synergy services (and outcomes) you need.

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