Bring your brand to life for employees, unleash your greatest ambassadors, grow your business

To truly gain full brand equity, employees need to be seen as your most valuable consumers.  Your employees make the brand come alive for your customers and put marketing promises into action. This means bringing the brand to life for employees and delivering a unique and powerful brand experience.


Are you delivering your brand experience internally for your own people from hire to retire?

Are you engaging employees to act as an employee amabssador as a point of differentiation in delivering the brand experience?

Are you retaining your best talent right now?


We translate the brand experience internally for employees – a story, journey and experience they can believe in, relate to, contribute to. In doing this, we build a community of internal brand ambassadors who can help deliver your brand experience by shifting perceptions, emotions and behaviour.

Shift Perception
We help your people see something in a different way.

Shift Emotion
We connect hearts and minds and help people feel differently about it.

Shift behaviour
We help people do something different, collectively and individually.

We do this by:

  • Understanding and tailoring the brand story and experience for employees
  • Co-creating the brand experience with the People and Brand Team for employees
  • Creating a great employee experience to deliver the full brand experience and promises
  • Bringing to life the set of guiding principles – the values, the goals, the vision
  • Creating a personal connection to employees and teams so the brand experience feels relevant and meaningful

The benefits

Why it matters

41% of consumers believe that employees are the most credible source of information regarding a company

(Source: Edelman)

Engaged organisations are 23% more profitable

(Source: Gallup)