Culture audit

Identify the culture you need for improved performance and growth

We help organisations gain a competitive advantage by understanding the nature and distribution of their organisation’s culture – and how to improve it.


Culture is the ecosystem that grows up around the tangible and intangible customs, cues and codes of an organisation. It’s in the physical environment: IT infrastructure, HR processes and the posters on the walls. It’s in the energy that flows through the business: how people behave, communicate and collaborate, their beliefs, values and assumptions. 

Culture evolves organically – whether we like it or not – nurtured by the environment it serves.

It can’t be ‘solved’ – but it can be cultivated, with careful curation and intentional design.


A positive culture is a huge business advantage, helping attract and retain top talent (and customers).

Today’s most successful organisations invest in creating great cultures designed to improve the lived experiences of their employees and, ultimately, the success of the business.

Common Challenges

We can’t really measure and evaluate our organisation’s culture.

In truth, we don’t know how elements of our culture affects business performance and in what ways.

Culture feels like something that’s difficult to change in an intentional way.

I’m worried about how we maintain our culture in this new hybrid world.

We have no reliable way of identifying centres of cultural influence within our business.

We don’t know how to develop strategies that optimise culture for the future.


We start with a simple diagnostic, using our ’10 Dimensions of Culture’ Audit Tool, to help establish your organisation’s current cultural thumbprint and identify a roadmap to help achieve your future cultural ambitions.

Discover your unique cultural identity, mapping distribution and influence, aligning with archetypes for insight, and pin-point strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Uncover the insights that provide the springboard for a culture strategy which address your unique challenges.

Win hearts and minds, build stakeholder support and map the right environment for successful delivery of culture strategy.

Activate creative services to deliver communications and experiences that deliver against your culture strategy and drive attitudinal and behavioural change.

Maintain a real-time perspective on the nature of your culture with a dashboard for regular improvement.


Our experience

We’re award-winning experts in creating compelling employee experiences with a specialist team behind us. Made up of engagement consultants, HR specialists, behavioural science experts, strategists, organisational psychologists, leadership coaches, creatives, trainers and more.

Our end-to-end service can guide you from discovery, insight and strategy to concept, activation and long-term effectiveness – with creativity in all we do.

But, don’t just take our word for it – see our work to see just how we do it.


Aon plc is a leading global professional services firm with approximately 50,000 employees, and, like many global companies, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted colleagues’ connection, morale, and engagement. Recognising a need to improve colleagues wellbeing, we focused on creating a culture of kindness, creating an immersive campaign that brought their wellbeing strategy to life.

With an ambition to embed a sense of belonging and connection across the business, the 21-day kindness challenge captured thousands of employees sharing a simple act of kindness and connection.

Over 22,000 pages were viewed with 5000 acts of kindness captured globally and over 600 colleagues stories shared. The success of this connection and engagement is being evolved for 2023 around gratitude. Award-winning – CIPR Excellence Awards 2022.

Telecommunications company

This leading telecommunications company enables millions of people to connect through broadcast. With a newly formed leadership team and CEO, it was important to bring together a disparate group to rapidly build rapport, a strong leadership community with a growth mindset and enhanced capability.

Known for being reliable and dependable it was important to expand this to be flexible, innovative and competitive. To create a new culture of innovation and flexibility, we created a programme of creative, leadership workshops, training and activities to support new habits and help leaders continuously improve.

“We worked with McCann Synergy to raise the bar in our leadership on topics such as managing change, growth mindset and reflection. Their style is creative, impactful, thought provoking and provocative” Head of Organisational Development