22 September 2021

Culture Club – spotlight on organisational culture

How to define it, how to build it, how to change it…company culture is essential right now. But how does your culture really impact your people’s decision to join, engage with, and stay at your company? 

That’s exactly what the OC Tanner Global Culture Report digs into each year, canvassing the opinions of a massive 40,000 employees and leaders in 20 countries.  The 2021 results are out now. Here are some of our highlights:

On purpose…
Employees of every generation are placing a high value on ‘connecting to purpose’. A massive 45% of Gen-Z employees say they want work that has meaning beyond earning a salary.

We say: As we tentatively edge away from the Covid crisis, now is a good time to define and communicate a purpose that really resonates with your people.


On leadership…

All generations, and especially Gen Z, thrive under modern leaders who mentor and help them feel connected. But there’s still a long way to go: only 35% of leaders connect their employees to purpose; 36% connect employees to accomplishment; and just 38% connect employees to one another. And while employees want regular recognition, only 57% feel appreciated by their leaders.

We say: For modern, authentic, inspiring leadership, teach your leaders to be coaches.


On wellbeing…
During the pandemic, organisations that upped the transparency saw an incredible 174% increase in trust that leaders had employee wellbeing in mind as they made operational decisions. The pandemic also meant people valued more one-to-ones: those who had them weekly reported a 23% increase in wellbeing.

We say: Employees want to know their leaders value them as individuals. Here’s a quick read about the future of wellbeing in a post-Covid world.


On recognition…
This is a big one. A whopping 87% of employees said their organisation’s recognition program is stale, outdated, or used as disguised compensation. Eeek. Recognition also affected how employees felt about the crisis: employees recognised in the previous seven days were 103% more likely to feel supported.

We say: Hybrid working could make regular recognition harder to achieve. Think about multiple and creative ways to recognise the achievements of your people and introducing a digital recognition programme to bridge the gap. Get in touch with us at hello@mccannsynergy.com to pick our brains on the best approach.


On opportunity…

Despite the crisis, people still want opportunities to develop new skills and take on new exciting challenges.

We say: People want to feel like they’re part of a high performing winning team. Would your team fit that description? Find out with this quick test.


Ready to focus on culture?

According to the fascinating OC Tanner Global Culture Report, culture is far and away the most crucial element employees consider when joining and staying with an organisation.


If you’re looking at culture assessment or a shift in culture, get in touch.

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