Bringing creativity to your thinking and planning

Sometimes you just want a bit of help getting started and other times, it’s getting an outsider’s view. We’ve been running a number of discovery sessions with clients to tackle their challenges head-on and help avoid all that head-scratching.

We don’t do death by powerpoint. Our discovery sessions are bespoke to you, with creativity, interactivity and bags of inspiration. They can be tailored to different learning styles, designed and delivered by our house team of qualified facilitators and coaches. They’re flexible to suit different roles, industries and levels of seniority, and scalable enough to work with small focus groups to large events.


You'll get...

  • Best practice, inspiration and 'what good looks like'
  • Theory and models to inform your approach
  • Interactive and creative activities to get you thinking and doing
  • A plan you can put into action straight away


Here are three examples of sessions we run that are proving really valuable to clients…

1. Creativity - magic or method?

Think your teams aren’t creative? They are, they just need to know how to unlock their creative thinking. Our creativity and innovation workshop gives your team the skills, confidence and inspiration needed to think differently, with practical tips and guidance and games to unleash their inner creative.


2. Engaging leaders with change and transformation

Critical to the communication of any change or transformation programme, we run several workshops for leaders to understand change, and how to communicate it with their teams.

A recent leaders' event for a financial services client pushed us to be as creative as possible. We needed to engage leaders with a huge change that was coming to the business, creating personas reflecting those affected by this change, bringing them to life. Leaders had to deliver a 1-minute pitch with key messages about the change, providing personal pledges and volunteering how they could help others, and themselves.


3. Driving behavioural change

Our behavioural science team is adept at helping use nudge theory to influence what your people think, feel and do, to embed and sustain change long term. We have HUMANISTS, our own behavioural science checklist, that we use with clients to inform strategies and influence our campaigns to drive behavioural change.

We’re running taster sessions on behavioural science with our Behavioural Strategist, Chloe Foy, providing an opportunity to learn the key principles and how to turn our checklist into key business challenges. We recently ran one with the Institute of Internal Communications.

Here’s what Colin Archer, Director of IoIC South West, had to say:

“Synergy’s behavioural science taster session really helped me to think about the science behind what drives our behaviour for the long term and how to apply it to the workplace. Behavioural science is growing in use across all communication disciplines and is something that can help to make a real difference to achieving your objectives.”


Sound good?

If these are the sorts of challenges you’re faced with, or you could do with a hand on something else, we’d love to chat to you about how our workshops can get you to that next level. Get in touch with us at or 0117 921 1764.