6 March 2020

Coronavirus: 19 questions employees everywhere are asking

What does your workforce want to know?

As confirmed cases of coronavirus hit 90 in the UK, it’s increasingly likely that UK Government will confirm that the country is now in the second phase of their plan to tackle the virus – the delay phase. But what does that mean?


It could mean the banning of big events, closing of schools, encouraging people to work from home and discouraging the use of public transport. All of which will have a big impact on people’s lives and on business. And employees across the country will be asking their employers lots of questions.


We’ve listed 19 questions that your employees will really want you to answer:


  1. What workplace measures are we putting in place to minimise the spread of Coronavirus?
  2. How sick do I need to feel to not come in to work?
  3. If I choose to self-isolate and work from home, will I still get paid?
  4. What if people within my team don’t want to come into the office and have not been told to self-isolate?​
  5. What happens if we have a confirmed case and the employee affected has been in our workplace?​
  6. What do I do if I suspect someone else of having it?
  7. Can I tell someone to wash their hands if I notice them not doing so?
  8. Is our workplace being deep-cleaned?
  9. I feel fine but my kids’ school/nursery/etc is closed. What do I do?
  10. Is there a chance that we’ll need to close our office / place of work? Will we still get paid?
  11. What should I do if I have recently travelled to an at-risk area?
  12. Should we restrict travel – both us travelling to clients and clients visiting us?
  13. What will happen to people’s holiday allowance if they need to cancel travel plans?​
  14. If I need to work from home what tech support can I get?
  15. If I need to pay for access to the internet or purchase new equipment to work from home, will you compensate me?
  16. How safe is our business, commercially?
  17. What’s more important, delivering on my work priorities or staying safe / isolated?
  18. This is triggering my anxiety. Is there extra support available for me?
  19. Where can I go for further and current information?​


To make sure you’re fully prepared and can keep employees informed throughout the coming months, make every effort to answer the questions above and revisit answers regularly. Things are changing on a daily basis and employees will look to you for reassurance and support.


Finding the answers

For confidential support and advice on how you can best communicate with employees during the coronavirus outbreak, get in touch with Chris chris@mccannsynergy.com. We’ll support you, so you can support your people.


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