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Businesses are in a constant need to innovate, grow and adapt, and employee experience is now a global strategic imperative. Today you need to cultivate your culture, support your leadership and focus on a more human employee experience – the key drivers of change and transformation.

We deliver bespoke business solutions enabling you to transform your business and unleash the power of your people to drive sustainable business growth.

Using a unique blend of capability, consulting, strategy, psychology, behavioural science and creativity, we offer end-to-end support across five key areas:

Culture, Experience, Transformation, Performance and Internal Communications.

Hear about our offering from Nicky Clark, our Client Director.

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We unleash

The power of your people

Our specialist consultants, strategists and talented creatives offer advice,
creative solutions and strategies to help drive sustainable growth


Your culture defines your business: Who wants to work for you and who wants to buy from you. We’re here to help you curate a culture that empowers your organisation to grow in every way.

  • Discovery and Definition: Using our unique ‘10 dimensions of Culture‘ audit tool, we’ll help you clarify the culture you have, and define the culture you need.

  • Consultancy and design: Our experts will partner with you to intentionally curate a clear, authentic culture that your people can connect with.

  • Leading through culture: We’ll work with your C-suite, helping them to use their behaviours, attitudes and habits to powerfully affect the organisational culture.

  • Purpose, Vision and Values: through creative campaigns and internal activations we’ll help bring your PVV to life and make it meaningful to your people.


Many of your people now have consumer-grade expectations when it comes to the employee experience. We’ll help you design an experience they want to be part of. From the big milestones and events, to all those small day-to-day moments from hire to retire.

  • EVP Creation: We’ll help you harness your organisational truth to create, activate and embed an authentic Employer Value Proposition (EVP).  Find out more

  • Employee experience: We’ll take away the guesswork by using a human-centric design process and creative approaches to attract, engage and retain talent.  Find out more

  • Employee engagement audit: By auditing current engagement levels, we’ll find enablers, uncover barriers and listen to your employees. Then we’ll develop strategies to help you meet these needs to drive engagement.


Our change experts will engage and support your people through the change programmes of today, and upskill them in readiness for the programmes of tomorrow.

  • Change management: Using various methodologies, with key stakeholders, we’ll explore issues, create end-to-end strategies and support your teams to produce effective change.

  • Change readiness: Our audit sessions will equip you with key recommendations for leveraging change enablers, identifying hotspots and ways to ensure success.

  • Leading through change: We’ll give your leaders an enhanced understanding of the change process, deep insight into the emotional journey, and the skills they need to guide your people through repeated change cycles.


The influence your leaders have can’t be overestimated. We upskill and develop C-suites, enabling them to create a wave of engagement that goes way beyond their direct reports.

  • High performing leadership teams: We’ll help your leaders use their combined skills to create high performing teams. Using benchmarking and tailored programmes, they’ll learn how to use their strengths as a springboard for organisational success.

  • Leadership development and coaching: Work with our coaches to help your leaders develop the resilience, confidence, emotional intelligence and effectiveness they need to engage entire workforces.

Internal Communications

Effective communication helps boost employee engagement, provides openness and transparency and helps your people feel a sense of belonging. We’ll help you deliver innovative, inspiring creative solutions that are insight-driven and meet the needs of your business and your people.

  • Internal comms audit and strategy: using our 4-step research methodology we will help you understand what’s working and areas to address. This will inform an insight-driven internal comms strategy aligned to your business goals.

  • Creative campaigns and communications: Before you can effectively communicate, you need to earn your audience’s attention. We use creativity to achieve this in an original and compelling way. One that is grounded in insight. Our creatives, writers and designers develop ideas to win hearts and minds, and then turn that attention towards your objectives.

  • Employee listening: our measurement experts and data analysts will support you in developing a listening framework and ensuring employee voice becomes an integral part of your internal communications strategy.

The McCann Strategy Difference

Our experts offer end-to-end support to unleash the power of your people.




Full Team


Understand your core business needs and objectives.

Work with you to identify the current organisational barriers and challenges impeding progress


Pinpoint root cause of current barriers and challenges.

Define a strategic approach targeted at the root cause.


Design an insight and researched-backed solution.

Architect a plan of intervention(s), leveraging our subject matter and creative specialists to execute a defined solution


Deliver compelling interventions that engage and excite your people, designed by our award-winning creative team.

Support your organisation in the implementation of these interventions such that they are embedded in the day-today experience of your employees.


Measure quantitative and qualitiative data. Analyse results to measure impact and feedback on future solution design.

Employee Solutions Suite

Our Employee Solutions Suite. This is a new approach to building culture and boosting attraction, retention and engagement with four solutions to help you deliver a positive and human employee experience.

We make the world of work a better place.