9 February 2021

Travelex tackles complexities around trans issues in the workplace

In a global business like Travelex, it can be hard to know how to support trans people, particularly when being LGBTQ is a fireable offence in certain countries (Japan) and illegal in others (the Middle East).

Half of trans people have hidden their identity at work for fear of discrimination, and Travelex wanted to combat this. By putting policies and clear internal communications in place, people were encouraged to support their trans colleagues. Travelex worked with NGOs to get insights and tips on how to support people, citing Stonewall as particularly helpful with guidance on wording and the correct terminology. A ‘transitioning at work’ policy based on feedback from trans colleagues ensures that procedures are in place to support people through what can be a difficult period of their lives. Having this kind of guidance in place can help to empower line managers to ask the right questions and be there for people who are transitioning in the workplace.

Source – Diversity and Inclusion Conference

Why we love it

James Haq-Myles gave us all some brilliant food for thought with this talk, assuring people that as long as conversations around trans issues are happening, the rest should follow. His top tip was that it’s ok to get things wrong when it comes to this stuff, which is unknown territory for many people, as long as your intentions are good and you’re willing to learn. It was an interesting topic to hear about at the D&I conference, and we’re pleased to see these sorts of issues being addressed as a recognised employee engagement topic. 

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