9 February 2021

TalkTalk invigorates employee engagement through a relocation

When TalkTalk relocated 500 London-based colleagues to join the rest of the organisation in Manchester, engagement scores went down.

The internal communication team had to make sure they were looking after London colleagues whilst protecting and engaging employees in other locations too. Speaking to people about their options and providing regular internal communications as soon as the relocation was announced helped to make the process smoother for any employees involved.

From taking colleagues on a tour of the North West as potential residents, to offering help with housing and school moves, this involved support across the full range of challenges  that can arise when moving cities.  Throwing a ‘Great Big London Thank You Party’ was a chance to celebrate and thank everyone and showed people that the organisation genuinely cared about how the change would impact them.

Source – PR Week Strategic Internal Communications Conference

Why we love it

TalkTalk approached a huge change in the organisation in a way that was supportive and sympathetic to those affected. Communications from the outset meant that employees felt informed and consulted throughout the process and they were offered help with the relocation through each stage of it. Check out more details in the conference notes.

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