9 February 2021

Skyscanner commits to tearing down internal communication barriers

Skyscanner, a travel comparison website with over 9,000 visitors a month and 1,300 employees globally, is growing very quickly.

Maintaining its fun, ‘buzzy’ culture has been challenging throughout growth, with 7 different time zones, 64 nationalities and 40 languages to consider.

Using a selection of digital tools, the internal communications team has created a network across the globe, enabling people across time zones to communicate through video conferencing, Slack, an Intranet and weekly online ‘town halls’.

Source – Internal Communications Conference

Why we love it

A focus on face-to-face and building relationships, even with people in different locations, has had a strong impact on Skyscanner’s culture. Over a million messages are sent via Slack each month and communication across time zones can help to build common ground and shared interests. This considerate and flexible approach has helped foster good links across all teams at the organisation and has meant that the culture has been maintained despite rapid growth.

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