9 February 2021

Honest Burgers maintains its culture with Workplace

Honest Burgers is a burger restaurant which is trying to disrupt the casual dining industry. With its own butchery and chips made fresh on-site everyday, Honest wanted employees to feel engaged with the company’s purpose and mission.

The internal communications team see restaurant workers as the most important client in the business and is putting them first when it comes to employee engagement. Honest wanted to maintain the culture the founders had created when they started out, with a growing business of 38 restaurants around London and the UK. Daniel Davis, Engagement and Communications Manager at Honest Burgers, spoke about how culture isn’t built on a spreadsheet; it’s not created in a boardroom or by a marketing team. Culture comes from storytellers within the business, those people who are at the grass-roots, working on the frontline in Honest restaurants. Daniel’s team introduced Workplace to provide a platform for the company’s culture to continue growing. Everyone can log on, stay updated and communicate with each other across the business.

Source – PR Week Strategic Internal Communications Conference 

Why we love it

Honest Burgers proved that if people are given the right platforms and opportunities, they will champion an organisation’s culture and drive effective internal communications without it having to come from the top down. Genuine workplace culture comes from the people who are at the coalface, living out the day-to-day of an organisation’s reality and Honest has found a way of celebrating theirs online. 

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